Success Stories

We love to hear how our past animals are doing in their new homes, here are just a few fantastic happy endings.

If you have adopted an animal from us please send us some pictures and a few paragraphs about how they are getting on!


Mitzie, Frost, Murray & Tigger

From top left clockwise we have Mitzie (adopted March 2010), Frosty (adopted December 2012), Murray & Tigger (formerly Jermaine) brothers (adopted February 2010). All four were adopted from the branch and have become loving and cheeky members of the family.

From bringing me socks and slippers (Mitzie), being a 3am alarm clock (Murray), cleaning up any leftover food (Tigger!) to being the best uncle for the 130+ foster cats and kittens in the last 4 and a bit years (Frosty) they all have their own little routines and quirks and I love them all so very much for them. Thank you RSPCA Manchester & Salford!


I adopted Periwinkle (right) last year after originally fostering him for the branch. He came to them with incisor problems due to poor diet so needed quite a few vet trips and lots of extra tlc. Well how could I not fall in love with him, everyone knew I'd adopt him and bond him so he had company.

Sadly his companion Poppy died earlier this year so we adopted the very beautiful Primrose (left) from RSPCA Walsall as there were no single females in rescue locally. The pair are a delight, very happy together - we love how they chat piggy style and popcorn away! Two gorgeous tummies on legs!


Last year in December we rescued Princess (was Emily) a lovely dwarf lop to bond with our little man who is a mischievous Dutch called Dodger. Princess was a very timid little bunny who just sat in a corner of her cage when we first got her. Things really weren't looking good as Dodger had ‘spoilt child syndrome’, he really didn't want to share his home with another bunny.

Thankfully we persevered with them both and they are now the best of friends as you can see from their photos.   Princess is finally after 12 months coming out of her shall and loves to jump up on the sofa to sit with us whilst watching TV. Dodger on the other hand likes to do bunny hops right in front of the TV. I'm so glad I took the time to bond them as it has brought character out in Dodger and he loves his Princess far too much.



Here's Amber (was Honey) adopted in February 2015. Amber is literally a purrrfect cat.






Molly & Marvin

This is Molly and Marvin (aka Smudge & Cosmo). We adopted them exactly 2 years ago when they were tiny fur babies. Sometimes they get confused about which animal they are - they like to play fetch and even bring sticks for us to throw and then fetch back!

We call them "guard cats" as, when they're not playing, or just generally being cute, they're "on guard" in the window and alert us to any intruders (by growling!). Just a few weeks ago, they prevented us getting burgled, as they noticed a prowler in the garden at 3am and immediately let us know! Clever kitties. We just couldn't imagine life without them now



This is Hettie (was Maria). We adopted her about 18 months ago. She was from a litter of 5 and the only one preferred to go on her own! She is a beautiful long haired little furball with a tiny meow and a timid but quirky personality. She adores her big sister who she loves to chase around the house, my son's beanbag, catching flies and the very mention of cheese!!!....wouldn't be without her




Gopal & Rad

They are such lovely girls and they're settling in really well. It's obvious that they have been through some trauma, they are often scared unexpectedly, but every day they get a little happier and a little more bold. When we first got them, we couldn't go near Gopal at all, let alone touch her ears (she has lots of scarring on them) but now she comes bounding out of the pen to see us and get cuddles and snacks. We love having them here, and it's a pleasure to see them grow. Rad enjoys being brushed and trimmed, happily snacking away while we get to work.