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Bertha & Snowflake

Location: foster home

Bertha (fawn) and Snowflake (white and grey) are approximately 1 year old. They have been rescued from a property with over 60 rats. As you can imagine the conditions weren't great and the girls had not received much human contact. Snowflake very quickly proved to be a sociable girl and with daily handling Bertha is so much better. Both girls adore each but are very different in personality.

Snowflake is outgoing and adventurous and super greedy! She's always keen to come and say hello all times of the day, if only in the hope of extra food! Bertha is more active in the evening and will come out to greet you then. Both are really clean rats and use a litter tray and confine urination in their cage to one place, generally. Bertha likes to make amazing beds inside her hut with newspaper and soft bedding, they are true works of art! They love to lounge in their hammock on warmer days and enjoy both Reggie rat dry food and fresh food twice a day. they have great appetites and willing try new foods, their favourite is shelling peas!

Due to the poor conditions they have come from they each have issues we need to tell you about. Snowflake has red discharge from her eyes known as porphyrin, which the specialist vet we use has advised does not require treatment. Bertha sneezes but does not have nasal discharge, this is due to mycoplasma. She has had an extended course of antibiotics for this but it hasn't made much difference. Unfortunately both presentations are common condition in rats and often due to stress (in this case from the home they came from). Both of their lungs are clear and they are otherwise in good condition. 

The girls are in a cage that is 70 x 48 x 78cm and any adopter will need same size or bigger cage. They should not live with other rats unless they have similar conditions. If you can offer our special girls and amazing home do get in touch!

If you would like to adopt the girls contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.