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All our rabbits are neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and health checked by an exotic vet specialist. Our rabbit adoption fee is £45 per rabbit or £80 for a pair.

If you would like to adopt a rabbit from us please read our

'Adopting a Rabbit Guide' before contacting us.

If you have any questions please contact us on:

0161 882 0680 or rspcamcr_salford@btconnect.com

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Location: foster

Blackley is a French Lop around 6 months of age and weighs 5.3 kg. He still seems to be growing a little bit so you are definitely getting a lot of bunny for your money! Blackley has come from a home of 100 animals; his owners have been banned from keeping animals for life. He was living free range amongst dogs, cats and other rabbits but away from all this stress and he is a spirited, happy boy.

Blackley loves his space. He will need to live indoors with either his own room or live free range. He generally likes to have a lollop about, a binky or two and then flump out. Being so young he is still  quite lively and can be a little bit overwhelming for older bunnies or small bunnies. Ideally he would be suited to live with a neutered female of a similar size and age.
Blackley is anyone's when it comes to treats. He is more discerning as to who he takes to with regards to strokes, but if you are the chosen one he will sit next to you on the floor and let you stroke him for hours.

Blackley is on a hay and veg diet only. He has been neutered, microchipped and had both vaccs and is ready for adoption and bonding. .

If you would like to adopt Blackley contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.














Bashful & Happy



Location: private boarding

Meet Bashful, Ferdinand, Happy and Doc. These gorgeous little bunnies were an unplanned litter and came into our care when their mum gave birth for the second time when they were just over 4 weeks old. They were born the second week of October and are really friendly little bunnies looking to find forever homes. 

Bashful and Happy are two black girls and can be rehomed together to live indoors or out, but if outdoors they would need suitably sheltered accommodation over winter (e.g. in a shed or garage and not a hutch and run outdoors). Of the boys: Doc is the fawn coloured bunny and Ferdinand is black. These two will hit puberty in the next month so won't be able to stay together or be paired with a girl because their hormones will likely disrupt any bond. As such they are looking to be rehomed as single indoor bunnies until they are old enough to be neutered.

These bunnies will be ideal for a family as they are used to being handled and receiving lots of attention. They are outrageously cute and so much fun to watch. They have been examined by a rabbit specialist vet, received the combi vaccination and been microchipped. Once old enough (roughly 5-6 months of age) the branch will also pay for them to be neutered. 

If you would like to adopt a baby or two contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.









Location: private boarding

Poor Dawn, she has had such a bad time of it and we are desperate to make her wish come true and find her a home for life. Dawn is around 2.5 years old and is looking for a home after being abandoned in a woods along with her sister. Sadly the pair quickly fell out after being rescued and Dawn ended up with half of her ear being amputated after an awful fight. We don't know whether they had been living unhappily for quite sometime or whether it was living in proximity to other rabbits that triggered the fall out. Sadly Dawn has recently been returned after a failed bonding.

We don't know if Dawn wants a companion or not but she was the aggressor in the failed attempt at pairing her. Dawn is a real character she always looks permanently grumpy but she is a brilliant rabbit who tolerates us giving her a cuddle and kisses! We all absolutely adore Dawn and are desperate to see her appreciated in a forever home. She is happiest when she’s snaffling something or when she’s gotten herself into a comfy hay cradle to snooze the day away in.

She is easy enough to handle but she doesn’t enjoy it (like most rabbits!), she much prefers to be waddling along on the floor and checking to see what her neighbours are up to. Dawn would make an amazing house rabbit for someone who enjoys a strong female personality. 

If you would like to adopt Dawn contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.










Location: private boarding

Hazel came into our care just over two months ago. She and her daughters were abandoned on a roadside. Understandably they were quite shaken up by their ordeal so we gave them plenty of time to settle and work out who wanted to live with who, as we rarely find homes for trios. Once we’d seemingly figured all that out hormones then kicked in with the daughters so sadly we had to separate Hazel as she was being bullied. Hazel has now adjusted to her separation and is settled in a foster home and ready and waiting for a forever home. This is what her foster mum has to say:

“Hazel is the sweetest little bun ever.  She loves running, changing directions and even binkying! She's not afraid of noises (as in fireworks) but the vacuum cleaner is a different matter (one of her daughter’s was exactly the same). Hazel has not chewed anything although I still keep a close eye on her of course and she's not jumped onto furniture. She is, however, into everything and is brave in exploring, but doesn't like being touched too much though she will tolerate it without biting but is a wriggler. She's really gentle and in time, with someone with patience, I think she'll make the perfect bun. She even comes up to sniff me and will let me touch her head which is a million miles away from what she was like when she first arrived.”

Although Hazel has been indoors for a couple of months we do think she would be happy as an outside bun with lots of space or a free range house bun as she hates being caged. Hazel is not overly interested people and just wants to play. The more space the better for this one and she is the most fantastic hay eater. She is picky about what greens she eats and is just so content with hay (meadow and timothy variety). Hazel is neutered, micorchipped and has had combi and RHD2 vacc. She could be paired with a neutered male to live outdoors but can be a single house rabbit. Hazel could live with older children so long as she is left to her own devices.

If you would like to adopt Hazel contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.





Mary, Jane & Lizzie

Watch a video here!

Location: foster home

Our beautiful ‘Jane Austin’ bunny ladies have been waiting for a home since May this year. We truly do not understand why this ‘instant’ family of furry friends have not been snapped up yet. Jane, Lizzie and Mary have been together since birth. They are now approximately 3 and half years old. They have come from a home of 24 rabbits and been the best of friends through thick and thin. The girls were removed from a multi-rabbit household where many of the 24 bunnies were kept in cramped hutches stacked high to the ceiling. Despite this sheltered existence the girls are more confident than you would expect. They are lodging in a foster home where they enjoy the outdoor life they have always known but with plenty of freedom, peace and foraging.

This is what their adoring foster mum has to say about the girls:     "Whoever adopts this trio of cuteness is in for a real treat, as they are great fun to watch always chasing each other round, fighting for food or piled on top of each other sleeping. The girls all have a close bond with each other but each has her own unique personality.

JANE is the most confident and will be the first to introduce herself on meeting. She is the rabbit in charge and will be the one to take control of any situation. Her favourite past time is running through her play tunnels, if there is a tunnel nearby she will always go through it never round it.

LIZZY is the outdoor girl, while the other two are still sleeping in bed she will be out in the run come rain or shine digging. She reverses up and down the run digging as she goes and has transformed my run which was full of grass to a barren wasteland in a few weeks.

MARY is the shy one and is not as confident as the other two but this shy creature transforms herself into a ferocious beast when food is around! She always makes sure she gets her third and will steal food out of the mouths of the other two! Her main hobby is sleeping and she stays in bed until about 3pm every day and seems to enjoy having the bed to herself to stretch out when the other two go off to play. I spoil her by taking her breakfast in bed and I think she enjoys eating her breakfast in peace after living with 4 other rabbits for most of her life. Potential adopters need to know that Mary has a cataract in her left eye but it is not causing her any trouble and is unlikely to do so in the future, although it may explain her more sedate behaviour.

All of the girls like being stroked and Mary and Lizzy don’t mind being picked up but Jane prefers her feed on the ground. They are 3 lovely rabbits and would make great companions."  

The girls will need a sizable outdoor enclosure to be able to meet their needs, for more information please contact the branch. The adoption fee for the 3 girls is just £70.

If you would like to adopt the girls contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.



Location: private boarding

Poor Bessie has had the most rotten life. She was found by National RSPCA inspectors living in a dreadful conditions, cramped in a hutch with another adult, a baby and a dead baby. It really was a distressing scene. The bunnies were rushed to the vets but alas it was too late for the second baby, who passed away on arrival. Sadly Bessie went on to loose her adult companion too due to the neglect she had suffered.

Bessie has now been with us two months and has recovered from her ordeal, but her poor care and lack of socialisation has revealed that she is keen to live outdoors and be left to her own devices. She is timid around people and is keen to avoid contact. She really needs to find a home where she can be left to potter and play outside and maybe have a companion. This is not essential, however, as it is more important that we place Bessie in an environment that she is adjusted too and will be settled in. Bessie is struggling with life and we are keen to help to find her a home asap.

Bessie has a clean bill of health and is neutered, microchipped and had both sets of vaccinations. If you can offer Bessie an outdoor life with suitable shelter and permanently attached exercise space then please get in touch. Ideally she will live alongside other rabbits and/or be paired with a neutered male. Please help give this girl a life worth living.

If you would like to adopt Bessie contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.


Pancake, Double, Barge & Miffy

Location: private boarding

What’s better than a baby Dutch bunny? Four baby Dutch bunnies! We must stress we are not looking to rehome them together, because as male bunnies, with puberty pending, they will have to live singularly until they can be neutered (at roughly 6 months of age) and their hormones have settled. As such they will need to be kept indoors so they can receive plenty of love and attention until you can find them a neutered female companion.

Born at the beginning of October we are thrilled to introduce to you Pancake, Double, Barge and Miffy! (We made a poor attempt at a Dutch theme with their names!) They are all absolutely wonderful, from uber kissable Pancake to Mr Mischief himself, Barge. The boys have been examined by a rabbit specialist vet and are in excellent health. They have had their combi vacc and been microchipped. The branch will pay for them to be castrated once old enough.

Dutch bunnies are known for their intelligence and friendly natures we have 4 absolute little treasures hoping to be able to hang up their stockings on your fire place this Christmas. If you are looking for a cheeky baby companion to share your home with the please get in touch. They will need lots of space to play and explore, see our guide to indoor rabbit housing at the top of this page! These boys are suitable to live in a family home due to their confident natures.

If you would like to adopt a baby boy contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.