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All our rabbits are neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and health checked by an exotic vet specialist. Our rabbit adoption fee is £45 per rabbit or £80 for a pair.

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Location: foster

Humphrey is an 8 months old French Lop who was among 100 animals that were removed from a home due to distressing levels of neglect and suffering. Humphrey has lived free range amongst cats, dogs and other giant rabbits and has seemingly come out of it unscathed. However, he has just been returned following a failed bonding, so whether he wants a companion or not after his previous co-habiting experiences it is not so clear cut. This is what is foster mum has to say about him:  

“Humphrey is a self-confessed lazy bones, his favourite things in life are eating and sleeping –he even eats lying down he is that lazy! He gets excited when he is let out free range and will spend a few minutes galumphing around and will then flop out exhausted. He does try and binky, but we have yet to see all four feet leave the floor at the same time!   Humphrey loves his food and has a fantastic appetite. He is a fantastic hay eater and will happily flop out in his litter tray whilst eating his hay! He also loves his greens and particularly loves all the stalky bits which my bunnies turn their nose up at,  but his favourite veg is broccoli and when you give him a piece he will hop off to find somewhere quiet to eat it in peace! He is a bit of a messy eater, and having a white face and chin he often ends up looking like he has a green beard!   Humphrey likes his own space, although when he is in the mood he does love a stroke and will happily tooth purr whilst having a head groom. He is quite headstrong and will push you out of the way if you try to stroke him when he is not in the mood or if you are in his space (like most rabbits!) and he can nip if you don’t get the idea quickly enough but nothing nasty.”    

Humphrey is a confident character and in his foster home with two adults he doesn’t seem phased by anything and as long as he has somewhere comfortable to flop out he is happy. However, he would not be suited to living with young children due to his tendency to nip if you displease him. Humphrey has only ever been a house rabbit and is looking to live indoors, ideally free roaming or his own with access to supervised play time around the house. He is nearly 6kg in weight and needs plenty of space to keep him content.

If you would like to adopt Humphrey contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.







Location: private boarding

Pancake came into our care after we were alerted to the appalling conditions he and his family were being kept in. He was confined along with his mum, 3 siblings, dad and another new-born litter of babies in a tiny hutch. Conditions were shocking and distressing but thankfully Pancake not only is thriving but is a wonderful natured bunny who we all adore.

Pancake is confident and affectionate and very keen for human interaction. He is a bright little boy who is happy to have cuddles and strokes. What set him apart from his siblings is his unconventional collar markings, which are a wiggle rather than a stripe.

As many of you know Dutch bunnies are renowned for their intelligence, friendly dispositions and make great additions to a family home. Pancake has been examined by a rabbit specialist vet, received the combi and RHD2 vaccinations and been microchipped. The branch will pay for him to be castrated once old enough at roughly 5 months of age. As puberty is pending he cannot be paired with a lady friend, as his hormones will disrupt the pairing. So for the time being, until he is old enough for castration, he is looking to live as a single house bunny.  If you would like to offer a very special boy a wonderful new home, please get in touch.

If you would like to adopt Pancake contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.



Location: private boarding

Johan is a smashing up-eared boy, who has a double identity! At first, with his pristine white coats and thick "spectacles" he appears like a mild mannered Clark Kent, bumbling along in life. But when Johan gets a sniff of snacks he becomes a super bunny! He's so excited at dinner time he'll hop straight over to you to see what's on offer and if it isn't served up quickly enough he'll try to help himself.

Johan came into our care after being found stray and so his special powers may also include escapology. He would make an excellent house bunny as he is a clean boy who likes to keep his surroundings tidy.

He was neutered in mid-December so is available to be bonded with a neutered female from the end of January. If you are interested in giving this little hero a home please get in touch.

If you would like to adopt Johan contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.









Location: private boarding

When Peaches came into our care nearly 5 months ago little did we know what journey we would have with her. This poor girl has had a rotten time but throughout it all has remained a stoic, happy-go-lucky little marvel. Peaches is approximately 2.5 years old and came to came to us after her rescuer couldn’t afford the veterinary treatment she so desperately required.

Peaches was being given away free on Facebook and a kind soul took her to live with her two other rabbits but quickly found Peaches was unwell. Peaches had syphilis or 'vent disease' as it is also known and was signed over to the RSPCA so she could receive the care she needed. Once the syphilis was treated she then developed a blocked gland on her eyelid and this took some time treat and in the end was lanced. Having spent many months monitoring her in foster care we are confident her troubles are well and truly behind her and can release her for adoption. On veterinary advice we are rehoming her as a single house rabbit as she maybe a carrier of syphilis for life so to avoid infecting another rabbit she can live indoors alone. Peaches is such a gentle soul, has never protested about her medicines and is just such a sweet little lady.

She is so good natured and quietly confident. She needs to get to know you but once she does she is happy being hand fed and stroked. She will happily hop around you and enjoys a play in the garden too! Peaches is looking for a home where she can either be free range, have her own room or have an enclosure min. 3m x 1m. She is used to an adult only home but could live with older children.

If you would like to adopt Peaches contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.












Location: foster

Blackley is a French Lop around 6 months of age and weighs 5.3 kg. He still seems to be growing a little bit so you are definitely getting a lot of bunny for your money! Blackley has come from a home of 100 animals; his owners have been banned from keeping animals for life. He was living free range amongst dogs, cats and other rabbits but away from all this stress and he is a spirited, happy boy.

Blackley loves his space. He will need to live indoors with either his own room or live free range. He generally likes to have a lollop about, a binky or two and then flump out. Being so young he is still  quite lively and can be a little bit overwhelming for older bunnies or small bunnies. Ideally he would be suited to live with a neutered female of a similar size and age.
Blackley is anyone's when it comes to treats. He is more discerning as to who he takes to with regards to strokes, but if you are the chosen one he will sit next to you on the floor and let you stroke him for hours.

Blackley is on a hay and veg diet only. He has been neutered, microchipped and had both vaccs and is ready for adoption and bonding. .

If you would like to adopt Blackley contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.








Location: private boarding

Poor Bessie has had the most rotten life. She was found by National RSPCA inspectors living in a dreadful conditions, cramped in a hutch with another adult, a baby and a dead baby. It really was a distressing scene. The bunnies were rushed to the vets but alas it was too late for the second baby, who passed away on arrival. Sadly Bessie went on to loose her adult companion too due to the neglect she had suffered.

Bessie has now been with us two months and has recovered from her ordeal, but her poor care and lack of socialisation has revealed that she is keen to live outdoors and be left to her own devices. She is timid around people and is keen to avoid contact. She really needs to find a home where she can be left to potter and play outside and maybe have a companion. This is not essential, however, as it is more important that we place Bessie in an environment that she is adjusted too and will be settled in. Bessie is struggling with life and we are keen to help to find her a home asap.

Bessie has a clean bill of health and is neutered, microchipped and had both sets of vaccinations. If you can offer Bessie an outdoor life with suitable shelter and permanently attached exercise space then please get in touch. Ideally she will live alongside other rabbits and/or be paired with a neutered male. Please help give this girl a life worth living.

If you would like to adopt Bessie contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.



Location: private boarding

Look at that face! Seriously, who could resist that face? Continuing with our Dutch names for this litter of Dutch bunnies, please let us introduce to you Miffy. We decided Miffy could also be a boy’s name so this little chap has been given the best Dutch bunny name ever!

This breed of bunnies are known for being super loving and intelligent and Miffy definitely lives up to that reputation. He is also a typical baby scamp who loves to binky, explore and scoff veggies and hay galore. He will make a fantastic addition to any home and will not disappoint.

Miffy has been examined by a rabbit specialist vet, received the combi and RHD2 vaccinations and been microchipped. The branch will pay for him to be castrated once old enough at roughly 5 months of age. As puberty is pending he cannot be paired with a lady friend, as his hormones will disrupt the pairing. So for the time being, until he is old enough for castration, he is looking to live as a single house bunny.  If you would like to offer a very special boy a wonderful new home, please get in touch.

If you would like to adopt Miffy contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.






Location: private boarding

Wallace was one of 5 rabbits who were left to fend for themselves when they were found roaming in Huddersfield. It seems that all 5 were abandoned and who knows what could have happened to them if they hadn't been rescued in time.

Wallace is an active chap who likes to explore his environment and is well adept at jumping! He’s got himself into a few scrapes in his bid to be the next Olympibun in the high jump. He gets a cheeky glint his eye when he’s been caught out with his antics and gives you a look that just wins you over in  an instant. You can’t stay cross with him for long!

Wallace would suit an indoor or outdoor environment where there is plenty for him to do. He is a confident lad but not cocky so are hopeful he will bond with most ladybuns. Wallace has had both the combi vacc and RHD2 vacc, been microchipped and was neutered on 10th Dec so will be 6 weeks post op on 21st Jan. If you would like to offer this chap a new life with a loving companion indoors or out please get in touch.

If you would like to adopt Wallace contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.



Location: private boarding

Cheshire came into our care just before Christmas. He had been found straying with a nasty injury to his eye. He was in a lot of pain and distress and despite hospitalisation for intensive nursing we were unable to save his eye. Unfortunately he had suffered a deep penetrating injury to the eye that had displaced the lens and there was no option but to remove it. Several weeks later the fur has started to grow over and his handsome looks restored once more.

Cheshire has been an absolute pleasure to care for and reminded us all what a privilege it is to do our jobs. He has tolerated so much but remained steady throughout it all. Cheshire is a truly gentle soul who needs a quiet home with a sweet natured and calm lady bunny. He runs away if anything worries him so a quiet and peaceful home is a must. Having said that sometimes he really surprises us with a cheeky streak as he sets off exploring if he sees a chance to sneak out if his pen if the door has been left open! We think in the right environment he will settle with ease and soon show you who he really is, a secret scamp. Cheshire is currently enjoying life as a house rabbit and is immaculately clean; he never has an accident outside his litter tray.

His favourite things are hay, greens, cardboard boxes and he's also partial to a tunnel to run through too. Cheshire is approx 2 years old, neutered, microchipped and combi and  RHD2 vaccinated. We would really like him to find a neutered female companion who will be sensitive towards him and be a calming influence. If you have experience of bunnies like Cheshire and doing bonding carefully and slowly please get in touch. Cheshire can live indoors or maybe outdoors depending on the type of accommodation you have (due to the current cold weather). He would not be suitable for children under secondary school age or busy households.

If you would like to adopt Cheshire contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.


Mary, Jane & Lizzie

Watch a video here!

Location: foster home

Our beautiful ‘Jane Austin’ bunny ladies have been waiting for a home since May this year. We truly do not understand why this ‘instant’ family of furry friends have not been snapped up yet. Jane, Lizzie and Mary have been together since birth. They are now approximately 3 and half years old. They have come from a home of 24 rabbits and been the best of friends through thick and thin. The girls were removed from a multi-rabbit household where many of the 24 bunnies were kept in cramped hutches stacked high to the ceiling. Despite this sheltered existence the girls are more confident than you would expect. They are lodging in a foster home where they enjoy the outdoor life they have always known but with plenty of freedom, peace and foraging.

This is what their adoring foster mum has to say about the girls:     "Whoever adopts this trio of cuteness is in for a real treat, as they are great fun to watch always chasing each other round, fighting for food or piled on top of each other sleeping. The girls all have a close bond with each other but each has her own unique personality.

JANE is the most confident and will be the first to introduce herself on meeting. She is the rabbit in charge and will be the one to take control of any situation. Her favourite past time is running through her play tunnels, if there is a tunnel nearby she will always go through it never round it.

LIZZY is the outdoor girl, while the other two are still sleeping in bed she will be out in the run come rain or shine digging. She reverses up and down the run digging as she goes and has transformed my run which was full of grass to a barren wasteland in a few weeks.

MARY is the shy one and is not as confident as the other two but this shy creature transforms herself into a ferocious beast when food is around! She always makes sure she gets her third and will steal food out of the mouths of the other two! Her main hobby is sleeping and she stays in bed until about 3pm every day and seems to enjoy having the bed to herself to stretch out when the other two go off to play. I spoil her by taking her breakfast in bed and I think she enjoys eating her breakfast in peace after living with 4 other rabbits for most of her life. Potential adopters need to know that Mary has a cataract in her left eye but it is not causing her any trouble and is unlikely to do so in the future, although it may explain her more sedate behaviour.

All of the girls like being stroked and Mary and Lizzy don’t mind being picked up but Jane prefers her feed on the ground. They are 3 lovely rabbits and would make great companions."  

The girls will need a sizable outdoor enclosure to be able to meet their needs, for more information please contact the branch. The adoption fee for the 3 girls is just £70.

If you would like to adopt the girls contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.