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All our guinea pigs are health checked by an exotic vet specialist. Single males are also neutered.

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Cherry, Carmen & Rhonda

Location: foster care

Cherry, Rhonda and Carmen are a trio of ladies looking for a new home after they were abandoned in a property. We believe the girls were born around January 2017 and were no doubt part of an accidental litter as there 6 other pigs in the home too. The girls came to us back in July when they were extremely skittish but thankfully in good health. After a couple of months in our boarding facility we realised we’d made very little progress socialising the ladies so moved them into a foster home where I am happy to report they have flourished.

Here's what their foster mum has to say about them:

“These three little piggies have come on so well, when they first arrived they were so scared and wouldn’t come out of their hide. Within a few days they became more confident, and now they are the cutest and cheekiest little trio.

They will never love being picked up, but are getting more used to it with time. However they will happily climb all over your hands to see what treats you might have, and will let you give them a little stroke whilst they are occupied with something tasty. They are also getting used to a bit of lap time and will happily sit there munching on some veggies whilst you pet them.

It’s lovely watching them interact with each other, as with any sisters they will always want what the other one has and there is many a tug of war.

They are the most vocal piggies ever, as soon as they hear you coming they start wheeking so loudly, and always come running up to meet you. They are lovely company and are always happy to see you. They are honestly the cutest little piggies and I have no doubt they will get even more confident with time.''

The girls have made massive progress since receiving daily positive interaction with people but they are still best suited to an adult owner rather than a family pet. They are currently living in an indoor cage with a fleece lining so are looking for a similar set up (minimum 5 x 2 ft). Contact us for advice on housing or follow this link!

If you would like to adopt Cherry, Carmen & Rhonda contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.



Chip & Dale

Location: foster care

Chip & Dale are a very handsome pair of Rex guinea pigs. These rescue rangers were in need of a rescue mission themselves and thankfully, National RSPCA inspectors came to their aid! The boys were part of a large case in which the owners were successfully prosecuted by the National RSPCA. Chip & Dale were among over 100 animals which were removed from the home due to neglect.

We presume the boys were born in their care but thankfully, being so young haven’t suffered to the same extent as some of the adults and are fit, healthy and ready for a fresh start! Here is what their foster carer has to say about them:

“Chip and Dale are gorgeous little pigs! When they arrived in my care they were extremely frightened and it appears as though they’ve never had any sort of handling. Fast forward a few weeks and these boys have definitely found their feet! They wheek the house down when they hear me chopping veg and have now started to take food from my hands. I can’t believe such a volume of noise can come from something so small! Chip is darker piggy of the two and is definitely the bossy one in this duo! He likes to take first dibs on the veggies and always makes sure he gets to sleep in his favourite hidey hut. Dale is the ginger and white piggy, he is an absolute sweetheart who loves a good head rub during lap time. The boys enjoy the usual selection of piggy veg and they love scoffing on an unlimited supply of hay. They’re cracking pigs and whoever welcomes them into their home will be very lucky.”

The branch will pay for both boys to be castrated in the New Year. They are suitable for children age 8 + and are looking to be kept indoors. The minimum size cage we recommend for 2 adult boars is 5 x 2 feet, ideally 6 x 2ft so it's worth investing in this size now so they won't grow out of it in a few months! Space is very important for all piggies but particularly with boars as they can become territorial if forced to share!Contact us for advice on housing or follow this link!

If you would like to adopt Dale & Chip contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.



Location: foster care

This charismatic little boy is our Noel. He was found in a field in Lancashire along with another adult boar. Sadly Noel was bullied by the adult so we had to separate them and he’s much happier. Noel has been examined by an exotic vet specialist and has a clean bill of health. He is too young to be castrated yet but this will be paid for by the branch in the New Year.

For the time being he is looking for a home where he can live safely separate but alongside one or more lady pigs to keep him company until he’s neutered and can be fully bonded. Please note that once neutered he will need a further 6 weeks living apart (side by side ideally) from his lady pals. Guinea pigs can remain fertile for 6 weeks after neutering!  

Noel is coming out of his shell now he is on his own and loves his veggies and hay. He is easy to handle and will benefit from daily contact with people. Noel will make a lovely addition to a piggy lover’s home and we can’t wait to see how he blossoms when he has some lady friends next year. Can you give this boy the lady piggy pals he needs? Please call 0161 882 0680 option 4 to meet him!

If you would like to adopt Noel contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.