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Looking to adopt a rescue guinea pig? Look no further!

All our guinea pigs are health checked by an exotic vet specialist. Single males are also neutered.

Adoption fees:

- Single unneutered female piggy £15

- Single neutered male piggy £20

- Pair/trio not neutered £25

- Pair of neutered male piggies £35

If you would like to adopt a piggy from us please read our

'Adopting a Guinea Pig Guide' before contacting us.

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Location: foster home

Ada is a beautiful ginger & white roughly 18 month old piggy girl. She came into our care in February after being found abandoned in a box with another piggy who sadly didn’t fare as well and is still receiving vet treatment. Thankfully Ada only required a course of mite treatment before she was back to full health and after being on pregnancy watch (just to be safe!) she is now fit and ready for adoption! Ada is a lively character which didn’t suit her existing companion’s personality so we made the decision to separate them and find Ada a better suited piggy gang to live with.  

Ada is not your typical guinea pig as she is extremely confident! She absolutely loves head rubs and will sit contently in her pen whilst you administer them! She doesn’t like being handled but will tolerate it for health checks. She would be a piggy that someone can enjoy watching play and explore but not a ‘lap pig’ as such. She’s also extremely vocal and will wheek every time you pass her pen for food, even if she already has some available…  

We are looking to rehome Ada to live either with a neutered male or with a group of female piggies. As she’s so confident she may not suit a quiet single female piggy and might be best within a small group where her personality will be better tolerated! We haven’t seen any aggressive behaviour with Ada, she really is a happy go lucky soul, just a bit full on as she’s so full of beans. However, in the evenings she does like to snooze and can often be found sleeping at the part of her pen closest to her foster mum’s radiator.  

Due to Ada’s friendly, outgoing nature she must live indoors for maximum attention, ideally in a large C&C set up, min. 5 x 2 cubes but larger if a group of pigs. She could live in a home with sensible, older children but an adult must be the primary carer. She is currently thriving on a diet of prominently hay with greens and a mix of other veggies, twice a day. She isn’t fed dried food and we would expect an adopter to continue this diet. If you can offer our girl a special home in your existing piggy herd (where her playful nature will be tolerated!) please get in touch. We offer a foster scheme & bonding advice for anyone wanting to try introducing an RSPCA guinea pig with no pressure to formally adopt until we know if the bond is successful.

If you would like to adopt Ada contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.