Guinea Pigs

Looking to adopt a rescue guinea pig? Look no further!

All our guinea pigs are health checked by an exotic vet specialist. Single males are also neutered.

Adoption fees:

- Single unneutered female piggy £15

- Single neutered male piggy £20

- Pair/trio not neutered £25

- Pair of neutered male piggies £35

If you would like to adopt a piggy from us please read our

'Adopting a Guinea Pig Guide' before contacting us.

If you have any questions please contact us on:

0161 882 0680 or

Housing ideas; indoor & out

Our guinea pig bonding scheme!











Location: foster care

Alex is a the cutest 20 week old teddy pig you could possibly wish to meet. He was neutered on 14th December and will be able to meet piggy girlfriend(s) from 25th Jan! He came to us as one of 100 animals rescued by National RSPCA inspectors. The prosecution was successful and we are delighted to offer this boy to some lucky lady/ladies out there! This is what his foster mum has to say about him:  

"Alex is a lovely piggy lad. He has a great zest for life and is always getting excited about something! Like most piggies he loves veggie time the most and has probably the best set of lungs on a piggy I've ever heard. Cucumber is always the first he sniffs out and runs off with! 
His confidence has come on lots with us, he's still a little bit of a way to go but boy does he stand his ground when food is on the horizon! Alex is a happy soul and loves  bombing around and popcorning but he does need piggy company to make his life complete."

Alex needs a home where he will receive daily handling to continue the good work of his foster mum. He is used to living with primary school children and will sit on your lap for a fuss and a feed (children should always be supervised of course). He needs female piggy pals, one or more and is available for adoption now but must be kept separate until 25th January (pigs can remain fertile 6 weeks post neuter).
We offer full advice on introducing piggies safely and kindly!

If you would like to adopt Alex contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.



Location: foster care

Chester is approximately 1 year old castrated boar who came from a rescue of over 100 animals. He was residing very unhappily with a group of unneutered boars. Lots of fighting, bickering ad disharmony reigned so we separated Chester straight away to give the poor lad a break!

Chester certainly is a big lad, which means there is plenty to love! This is what his foster family have to say about him:

“When Chester first came to live with us we didn’t hear a peep out of him for the first couple of weeks. Since then he has really come out of his shell and showing to be quiet head strong and a funny little character. Chester is most playful around meal times when he hears the fridge door open or the russling of packets of veg. He will sit at the gate of his cage wheeking and sometimes even popcorns with excitement. Another favourite pastime would be rearranging boxes and toys in his cage. He will do this every day and it is quite funny to watch. Chester also loves to run down the sleeve of your jumper / cardigan or under a blanket on the sofa for a cuddle.”

Chester really needs a female piggy pal or two, so if you have any lonely piggy ladies he is ready for pairing now, as he was castrated on 20th November 2017.  We offer full support when bonding piggies!

If you would like to adopt Chester contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.








Location: foster care

Paris is a neutered male, around 1 year old and has come from a large case in which the owners were successfully prosecuted by the National RSPCA. Paris was among 100 animals that were removed from the home due to distressing levels of neglect and suffering. Paris had to be separated from the pigs he was kept with as they were bullying him. This is what his foster family have to say about Paris:

“At first Paris was quite shy and he would not come out of his hidey holes and wouldn’t eat unless it was next to the entrance of his hiding place. Now he’s a cheeky little guy and you can’t even open the fridge without him wheeking for more food! He stands up where the cage opens impatiently waiting for his food to be made. He likes his greens, particularity parsley. Paris enjoys pushing around the teddy in his cage and burying himself under the hay to hide even though you can still see him. He also likes playing with boxes and chucking hay around the cage. He enjoys having a wander around and likes to stand up and watch what’s going on.”

Paris is going to need a kindly lady friend or two, and not be hen-pecked by a bossy matriarch. He is shy around strangers and probably wouldn’t cope with a busy household or young children. Paris is looking to be an indoor guinea pig with female pals. Paris was neutered on 6th December 2017 and can be paired with a lady friend from 17th January 2018. We can give full bonding and intro advice!

If you would like to adopt Paris contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.



Location: foster care

Zeno is around 6 months old and hass come from  a large case in which the owners were successfully prosecuted by the National RSPCA. Zeno was among 100 animals that were removed from the home due to distressing levels of neglect and suffering. Thankfully Zeno is one of the confident ones and is a strutting ginger wonder! This is what is foster mum has to say about him:

“Zeno loves the basic things in life: hay, greens, more hay, snoozing, more hay oh and then another snooze! He likes pretending he's the hulk and tossing his pigloo about too! Zeno rumbles away at fresh air and has great spirit. He's such a good lad at lap time, loving strokes and chin rubs.Zeno is a gorgeous ginger warrior and we love fostering him!”

Zeno is looking to be housed indoors with female piggy or two. He was neutered on 27th November and will be able to be introduced to lady friends from 8th January 2018. He will be suitable to live in a home with children however as with all our animals, an adult must be the primary carer.

If you would like to adopt Zeno contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.