Guinea Pigs

Looking to adopt a rescue guinea pig? Look no further!

All our guinea pigs are health checked by an exotic vet specialist. Single males are also neutered.

If you would like to adopt a piggy from us please read our

'Adopting a Guinea Pig Guide' before contacting us.

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Housing ideas; indoor & out

Our guinea pig bonding scheme!







Eddie & Paul

Location: foster

Eddie and Paul are two very handsome greedy boys looking for a new home together after their owner moved out and left housing staff to rehome the animals left behind. They are around 1 year old and thankfully came to us in very good condition. The boys seem very happy together and we have neutered them both and had them checked over by an exotic specialist vet.

The boys are a little shy when you first meet them but over time they do come out of their shell. Paul is the dashing white pig and he is a little braver than Eddie who will give a little squeal when being picked up. They love their grub and snoozes and spend their days waddling from one pigloo to the next to see what’s changed. It takes time before they are happy to go about their business in front of strangers but with some TLC they soon start trotting about in front of an audience. These two boys, if you give them a chance they will make your house a loving home.

The boys are looking for a home together either indoors or out in a sheltered environment. They will need an enclosure at least 6ft x 2ft to avoid squabbles with plenty of pigloos and fresh hay.  C&C cages are much better than pet shop bought versions - bigger and cheaper! Contact us for advice on housing or follow this link! The boys would be suitable to live with older children who will respect that they will need time to settle in.

If you would like to adopt Eddie & Paul contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.


George & Fred

Watch a video of the boys here!

Location: foster

George and Fred are two 4 year old boars who have come into our care after their owner could no longer cope with the animals they had. We have had them health checked and castrated by an exotic vet specialist and they are now looking for a forever home together. Don't be put off by their age; piggies can live 8 years and over so the boys have potentially just hit middle age! Here is what their foster mum has to say about them:

"Fred and George are a wonderful pair of boys. Unlike their namesakes (the famous Weasley twins) it's much easier to tell these two apart! Fred is all black with a beautiful, sleek coat and George is a handsome tri-colour piggy. George is definitely the boss in this duo; he's a confident, cheeky pig who comes running to the bars and always greets me with a loud wheek to tell me he would like more food! Fred is much more reserved and will hide away until George has sussed out what's going on.

It's obvious the pair haven't been handled much and as a result they are a little hesitant at being picked up. However, once settled on your knee they love having chin tickles and will sit quite calmly with you. The boys have really grown in confidence whilst with me and their little quirky characters have started to shine through. George loves to do zoomies around the cage and treats me to some wonderful popcorning when he's feeling particularly happy! They are also very good at moving furniture. No matter where I put their hay tray and hidey huts when cleaning the cage, within a matter of minutes they will have moved everything around to how they want it - they definitely know their own minds! This lovely duo will never fail to make you smile, I hope they find the loving home they deserve."

As Fred and George are not the most outgoing of boys they will be best suited to a quiet home, ideally with people who have guinea pigs before and know how to take things at their pace. They could live with sensitive older children and as they have always been kept indoors would be best being rehomed as house piggies. The boys enjoy having plenty of space and need a 5 x 2 C&C cage set up (see our housing guide
for info on homemade C&C cages) or a similar sized indoor cage set up around 6ft x 2ft.

If you would like to adopt Fred & George contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.





Thor & Loki

Location: foster

Thor and Loki are pre-pubescent boars born on (Thor has the back face, Loki has the white). They were born on the 27th May and have come from a home overrun with animals, none of which were neutered. They are looking for a home together as indoor guinea pigs so they can get plenty of attention. This is what their foster mum has to say about them:

"Both are cheeky pigs who adore red or green pepper and will happily sit in your lap munching. They still like to give you the run around when picking them up but once you catch them they love cuddles! They wheek and chatter to each other all the time and make a huge mess of their cage while they are playing! Thor is the more inquisitive of the two, however Loki is no pushover and will stand his ground especially when it comes to protecting his pepper! They have settled here really quickly and I'm sure they will fit in to their new home very easily."

The guinea pigs can live with a family with children of all ages so long as young children are supervised around them. They need a home that is 6ft x 2ft either indoors or out.
Contact us for advice on housing or follow this link!

If you would like to adopt Thor & Loki contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.



Cherry, Carmen & Rhonda

Location: private boarding

Cherry, Carmen and Rhonda are approximately 6 month old piggies that have come from a home of 9 that were abandoned in a property.

We suspect these girls were the result of an unplanned litter and the owner become over run with piggies. As a result it seems they have not had the handling they require and are quite evasive when it comes to capture. They are, however, in great health and good condition and with being so young they will likely make great progress once in their new home.

They need a home that is min. 5ft x 2ft. Contact us for advice on housing or follow this link!

If you would like to adopt Cherry, Carmen & Rhonda contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.