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All our cats are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, blood tested for FeLV & FIV and flea & worm treated. Our cat adoption fee is £60 per cat or £110 for a pair.

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Peanut & Pecan


Location: foster home

Peanut and Pecan are a 10 week old a brother and sister duo looking for a home together. They came into RSPCA care at a day old after being found abandoned in a suitcase along with their mum and sibling on one of the hottest days of the year. Unfortunately their sibling didn't make it but Peanut and Pecan soldiered on and are now ready to leave foster care for a permanent home. 

Pecan is a tiny tortoiseshell girl who, despite her size, is definitely in charge of her brother. She loves to play and snuggle up with Peanut but she also enjoys her human cuddle time. This can sometimes involve climbing up legs to reach one of her favorite spots (a human shoulder) if she has decided it is cuddle time. Wearing thick jeans is a must if this little lady joins your household! If there is a lap on offer Pecan will never turn down the chance for a stroke and will reward you with the loudest purrs you will ever hear from such a tiny thing.  Because of her markings,  Pecan has a slightly worried look but actually she is very laid back. She will eat pretty much anything on offer although prefers a variety of brands.

Peanut is much larger than his sister, although still a small cat himself, and it's hard to believe they came from the same litter. He adores Pecan and will try and persuade her to join in his antics chasing around the room and untying shoe laces. If she isn't willing to play then he will happily entertain himself. Peanut is not so fond of being stroked though when he is sleepy he likes a belly rub and will always drag himself out of bed if there is someone willing to play with him. Peanut eats mainly dry food and his adopter must be willing to provide a good quality complete dry kitten food for him whilst he is still growing (he is currently on Hills kitten dry food). As a treat Peanut will wolf down roast chicken and tuna -  if it's on offer!

Both kittens have had experience of children 8 and above. Given Pecan's tendency to use her claws to climb people we think a home where any children are secondary school age would be best. They can't be left for longer than 5 hours whilst they are little and will need access to a safe outdoor space once they are old enough. Peanut and Pecan are neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

If you would like to adopt Peanut & Pecan contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.







Kath & Kim

Location: foster home

Meet our stunning blue eyed ladies Kath and Kim! Kath has a chocolate coloured coat and is approximately 5 years of age. Kim is brown and white and we think slightly younger at around 2 years of age. The cats were removed from a home of multiple cats and and dogs where things had got out of hand. Kath and Kim had been kept in a crate together for a prolonged period of time judging by the condition they were in. They had fleas, their coats were dishevelled and Kath had pyometra (an infection of the womb). Thankfully this was caught in the nick of time and despite their incarceration these girls remain best friends. 

After veterinary treatment and care from our staff and volunteers these girls have turned into absolute stunners with a renewed zest for life.  The girls are extremely close, probably related in some way, and we are looking for a home where they can live out the rest of their days with the space, care and love that they deserve.

The girls have very different personalities but the thing they do have in common is that they are making the most of their new found freedom and can tear around like kittens.  We think this is fantastic given their terrible past but any prospective adopter needs to be aware that they may have a few knocked over water bowls to contend with as the pair settle in! Kath is very outgoing and happy to ask for attention. She is extremely friendly and we expect her to settle in easily as long as her adopter provides plenty of strokes and cuddles. Kim is more reserved and will take a while to accept being touched,  although she doesn't seem to be scared of humans. She will happily walk across a lap to get where she wants to go and loves playing fetch! 

The girls are currently in foster care and their foster carer describes them as very cute, inquisitive and playful, but also a bit noisy. When there are humans willing to listen to them the girls will chatter away excitedly! 

We are looking for a very special forever home for Kath and Kim with patient adopters who are prepared to  provide the care, routine and boundaries they need. Both girls are fast learners so we don't anticipate this will be a problem. Their foster mum has gradually given them more space in her home to roam and although initially they cried a lot at night  this has stopped now they have learned a new night time routine.  Kath and Kim may not have been outside before so will need  access to a safe space outdoors to explore and relax in. The girls are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and ready to chat to their prospective adopters.

If you would like to adopt the girls contact us today!

 Email or call 0161 882 0680.




Location: foster home

This handsome tabby cat is affectionately named Pops by his foster mum. He is approximately 2 to 3 years old and the most gorgeously affectionate cat you could wish to meet. Pops was found wondering the streets dragging a  severely injured tail. It's likely he was in a road traffic accident, causing much suffering because the injury was so severe that his tail had to be amputated. Thankfully Pops is fully healed now and ready to find a life of love and happiness with you. This is what his foster mum has to say about him:

"Pops is a really cuddly cat. He wants to follow you everywhere and sit next to you all the time. Every time I look round he's lying on the floor behind me. He likes to be stroked and his cheeks tickled, it seems to be the quickest way to his heart! Pops loves to play so you must be prepared to keep him entertained with fishing rod toys and ping pong balls!

Pops is a chatty lad who likes to talk to you. He also does a lot of suckling and kneading at blankets when you're sitting on the sofa with him, along with some very loud purring! Hes a very quick learner and obedient on the whole.

In bed at night time he likes to cuddle but when he gets mischief on him he will pounce on your feet so he has to be put out of the room! He's also fond of the odd surprise pounce, just to keep us on our toes, but we think once he's playing outdoors again that will stop."

Pops is best suited to a home where any children are aged 11 or over. This is because he doesn't always retract his claws in play and does like to show off his hunting prowess in the form of pounces! Pops is eager to go outside, so we are looking to rehome him where he can go outdoors to play safely. If you can offer him the home he is so clearly deserves please get in touch.

If you would like to adopt Pops contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680



Location: cattery

Brenda is a beautiful tortoise shell exotic crossbreed. She was removed from a home of multiple cats and and dogs where things had got out of hand. Some of the cats, including Brenda, had been kept in pairs locked in crates. Brenda was with a very elderly cat who, despite our best efforts to save, we sadly lost. Since then, however, Brenda has come out of her shell and seems a lot more relaxed and content on her own.
Brenda was in quite poor condition with a dishevelled coat, dirty ears and rotten teeth. She required multiple teeth extractions as well as neutering, and since then she has been noticeably more comfortable. Thanks to the tlc given to her by our volunteers and staff Brenda is proving to be a sweet little lady who we estimate at being around 5 years of age.

Brenda was one of the more timid cats rescued from the property but is becoming more confident by the day. She loves to be tickled on the top of her head and purrs as soon as you touch her. Depending on how brave she is feeling she will sit on your lap and enjoy a really good cuddle. Other times, when she is feeling more reserved, she prefers to relax in her bed whilst you talk to her.

Brenda is a shy but sweet girl who needs a calm, stable home. As Brenda is a quiet girl we feel she would be most comfortable in an adult only home where she can relax in confidence. She would be well suited to someone with previous experience of owning a rescue cat, who would like to take on the rewarding task of helping her grow in confidence. Brenda is currently fed a sensitive food diet that is gentle on her stomach, which you will need to continue in her new home for a time.

If you would like to adopt Brenda contact us today!

 Email or call 0161 882 0680.


Dobby & Harry


Location: foster home

Dobby (top) and Harry are a fun loving pair of black and white kittens looking for a home together. The pair are not related but were introduced in foster care. They are now the best of mates and will genuinely pine for each other when they are separated. Given the sad stories that brought them into RSPCA care, we thought it only right that they find their happy ending together. Dobby’s RSPCA journey began when a member of the public spotted him being repeatedly thrown up in the air by children on a trampoline. They only stopped when the little kitten missed the trampoline and hit the floor. This resulted in serious injuries, leaving Dobby in a lot of pain with a broken jaw and swollen head. It was touch and go for quite a while for Dobby but, thanks to the love and care he received by the staff at the RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital, he pulled through. Once well enough to be discharged he came into our care and from day one proved to be a lively cheeky monkey!

Dobby is around 12 weeks of age and is a happy, contented little chap. He is full of energy and will chase Harry up and down the stairs and through their play tunnel. He enjoys his food and you would never guess that his jaw had been so badly injured.

Harry is a black and white kitten who came into RSPCA care after he was found abandoned alone in a box in a member of the public’s garden. Harry has bounced back from what must have been a terrifying experience and is now a super friendly boy, who is growing in confidence every day. We believe Harry to be around 10 weeks old.  

Harry’s foster carer describes him as ‘a really sweet, lovable and affectionate little boy who loves people. He especially likes to lick your hands. Like most kittens, Harry is very playful and loves any kind of cat toy that’s on offer. He loves to chase Dobby around and particularly enjoys pouncing on him when he is in their play tunnel!  

The boys are affectionate and sociable and will make a great addition to a family where any children are over 8.  At this age Dobby and Harry can’t be left alone for longer than 5 hours and will need access to a safe outdoor space to play out in once they are old enough. Both boys are neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

If you would like to adopt Dobby & Harry contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.



Location: foster

Brian is a gorgeous, snugglepuss who has come into our care after being found homeless with a nasty abscess near his left ear. It was most likely as a result of being attached by another cat, but after treatment it cleared up quickly.

Brian is around 8 years old and after having had a hard life on the streets he is now loving life in a foster home. He has endless amounts of love to give and brightens our foster carers lives each and every day. This is what they have to say about him:

"Brian is a very handsome, cuddly boy who loves attention and treats. He spends most of his day lazing in a patch of sun and snoozing. He is very affectionate and has a very loving nature. He would benefit from being in a household with people around for most of the day, where there’s always an opportunity for a snuggle."

Brian is looking for a home where he can go out to play should he wish, and where there are people around quite a bit for him to catch a fuss with. He would be best suited to a calm environment, perhaps where any children are of secondary school age and over. It will be love at first sight when you meet him. Please get in touch if you are looking for a companion to fill your heart and home with love.

If you would like to adopt Brian contact us today!

 Email or call 0161 882 0680.






Waldo & Hope

Watch a video of the kittens here!

Location: foster home

We are looking for a very special home for this special pair of kittens. who were born by emergency caesarian on the 24th of April along with one other sibling. His mum did a wonderful job of raising her litter and they've grown up to be a healthy, strapping trio.

Sadly it became apparent when the kittens were around 4 weeks of age and beginning to explore the world that Hope had little or no sight. Initially we hoped she was just developing slowly and struggling to focus, but there has been no improvement in her condition. She has been examined by the vets who say that, as her pupils are reactive, she may be able to distinguish some light and shadow, but she is blind. Hope (tabby and white) really is a remarkable spirit and upon first meeting her you wouldn't notice that there was anything different about her. She copes incredibly well and is able to enjoy everything that kittens find fun in - wrestling with her brothers, chasing toys and climbing. The only real difference that you notice in her is that she takes a bit longer to explore and new environment than her sighted brothers and that she can, understandably, get worried when being picked up and in a carrier. Hope needs to be rehomed with her brother Waldo (pure tabby) in a home where there are no other cats (or dogs.)

Waldo is a smashing lad with a mighty purr. He is inquisitive and playful and loves to run and jump about the place. When he was young Waldo was particularly keen on exploring the world with his tongue and liked to try licking everything. He's mostly grown out of this, but he still enjoys a nice bare leg to lick! His facial markings make him look a bit worried at times, but he's pretty carefree. Hope and Waldo are looking for a very specific type of home. Waldo needs to be able to go outside to play once he is old enough, but Hope will need to be a house cat, so a home where this can be managed is required.

Due to Hope's blindness a quiet house without too many people or any other pets would be best, and in a home where she can easily find her way around familiar spaces - so no potential interior designers who like to shift their furniture regularly and no budding hoarders for Hope. Whilst they are still small they can't be left for more that 4-5 hours at a time. As with all young kittens they are still learning how to use teeth and claws appropriately, so wouldn't be suitable to live with young children.

If you would like to adopt Waldo & Hope contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.





Location: foster

Florence is a 3 year old stunner of a lady looking for a forever home. She came into RSPCA care after being rescued from extreme neglect and was found almost completely bald. It's hard to believe that was the case as now her glorious coat has completely grown back. 

Florence's foster carer has nothing but good things to say about her and she and her family have really enjoyed caring for Florence. Here's what she has to say: "Florence knows her own mind and decides for herself whether she wants your attention or not. She is most interactive in the evening (or if you have just fed her) and will loll around on my lap and run around chasing her favourite dangly toy.

She has made real progress from the shy girl that arrived and  is a confident, funny house guest. Really she is queen of the house now and has a favourite spot in every room and decides herself which of us is going to be graced with her company!"

Florence has shown no interest in going outside and seems to be scared of other cats she has seen through the window. Because of this and the need to be strict with her diet we think a good sized indoor home/apartment where she is the only animal, would probably suit her the best. She enjoys a quiet life so an adult only home would be preferable but she could live with older children of secondary age who would respect her personal space.

Florence has been in foster care for a few months and it has been a learning process for all of us to work out what is needed to keep her in tip top condition. So, we are looking for adopters willing to accept Florence's little quirks and support her in maintaining her health. Florence is on a dry food hyperallergenic diet (which she loves) and also a daily food supplement that reduces her stress levels and stops her overgrooming. We will give Florence's adopter a 3 month supply of this supplement which costs about 45p per day.

If you would like to adopt Flo contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680




Location: cattery

Meet our masterpiece Monet who is looking for a new home after fulfilling her duties as a mum. Monet came into RSPCA care a few months ago after being found stray and in difficulty giving birth. After an emergency caesarian Monet was a fantastic mum to her 3 kittens who, despite the trauma of their arrival, were a healthy bouncing bunch of babies who have grown up big and strong like their mum!

Monet is a 'pretty as a picture' black and white tuxedo cat who we estimate to be around 3 years old. She has an amazing, glossy coat and perfect white paws. She's a chatty and friendly girl who likes to tell you what she's been up to - at the moment her favourite activities are stretching out for a sleep and trying to get a cool breeze across her belly, playing with dangley toys and talking visitors into giving her treats! She's great company and appreciates human attention.

Monet would love a home where she can go outside once she's settled in. She could be left at home whilst her adopters are at work and she'll manage to entertain herself - but be prepared to get an earful when you arrive home, as she tells you all about her day! She would like to be the only cat in the home and could live with cat savvy children over the age of 5. If you want to see what impression Monet makes on you give us a call and arrange to meet her.

If you would like to adopt Monet contact us today!

 Email or call 0161 882 0680.








Location: cattery

This handsome hunk is Hercules. We estimate his age at around 4 years and he is a very fluffy semi-long haired ginger and white cat. Upon meeting such a magnificent beast we had to give him a suitably impressive and heroic name, but upon getting to know him better we have to admit it doesn't really suit him! Hercules is a laid back, sweet natured cat who adores a fuss.

Hercules came into our care after being found stray and we've not been able to trace an owner for him. Perhaps he has undergone 12 labours in the past, but since being with us he doesn't seem inclined to seek out further adventures and appears extremely happy settling into a life of leisure. He isn't one for playing with toys or larking about, but Hercules loves a bit of company and will head straight over to you for a bit of attention.

Hercules would enjoy a safe outdoor space to mooch about in once he's settled into a new home. He would want to be the only cat in the home. His relaxed vibe would fit well in a quiet home with older children or just adults who would appreciate a 'decorative' and friendly companion. He isn't a demanding soul, so would be happy to be left for up to 8 hours a day whilst his adopters are at work.

If you would like to adopt Hercules contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.









Location: foster home

KitKat is sadly up for adoption again after her reservation fell through.

KitKat is a remarkable young lady who has survived against all odds. When born her other litter mates were so badly deformed that they had to be put to sleep. Sadly it wasn't the first litter her poor mother had had with previous complications and was signed over by the owner because they couldn't afford the vet bills. Kit Kat's mum diligently tended to her until the milk prematurely dried up and her foster carer had to take over!

Both mum cat and foster mum shared the nursing duties between them and it was a wonderful symbiotic relationship like we had never seen before. Sadly mum had a serious heart condition and once Kit Kat was old enough she too had to also be put to sleep. As you can imagine it has been a very difficult and challenging time for everyone involved but out of this tragedy is this wonderful little lady called Kit Kat. This is what her foster mum has to say about her:

"Kit Kat is a very special little girl who has really come out of her shell. She is very energetic, playful and adventurous. She loves getting a cuddle and has the loudest loving purr ever! She is amazing with my 6 year old and will just play and sit on him for as long as she pleases. She is a very beautiful and independent little girl."

Kit Kat was born on 31st March, she has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and has a clean bill of health. If you would like to adopt this little treasure you must be around for good parts of the day and not leave her for more than 5 hours a day. She is fine to live with primary school aged children and must be able to go out to play once old enough.

If you would like to adopt Kitkat contact us today!

 Email or call 0161 882 0680.






Location: foster

Marjorie has been in our care since the end of January. She was left behind in a property when her owner moved out. With no history on her it’s been a long and slow process getting to know Marj and understand what she needs to enable us to help her find a forever home.  On arrival Marjorie went in to the cattery but after 3 weeks we relocated her into a foster home because she was so withdrawn and subdued. Whatever had happened to her in her previous life left this poor cat timid and ill at ease. She has since spent the last 3 months in an adult only home in a bid to settle her and identify who she is and what she would like out of life. Here, her foster carers document their time with Marjorie:  

"Marj is a lovable little oddbod who has been staying with us for the past few months. She wasn't too sure about us at all when she arrived, and we spent a few days seeing only glimpses of her curious wee face as she took stock of her new surroundings. 

Happily though she has taken a shine to us and now she will often wander around following us from room to room, and even sitting on a sofa or cushion nearby to watch TV with us or, more likely, fall asleep. Marj is a keen hunter and the many toy mice in the house have learned to fear her! She likes to pick them up in her mouth and bring them around the house with her for a play. 

Although she took a while to take to us, she is now not afraid to come over for a stroke on the head or, even better, a scratch on the cheek. Marj can often be found rubbing her face off things, it's her favourite thing to do. She also enjoys the standard cat pursuits such as sitting on comfy things, kneading stuff with her paws, lying on window sills in the sun and food. Marj especially enjoys food. Whenever she wants food she will come and let you know with a tiny meow and an urgent look. Then she will bring you to the bowl so you don't get lost or forget the food, she's good like that!

Marj is a timid cat by nature so will need a quiet house for her forever home with no other pets. She's a proper little character and she's very affectionate once settled in. It's definitely on her terms though, so once she's had enough of a fuss from you she will simply get up and walk off. We have both properly fallen for her and we hope she can find a home."

Marjorie’s foster placement has come to an end so she is back in the cattery. We hope this sensitive lady can find a quiet, adult only home where she will be given time to come round at her own pace. Marjorie is on a diet of Royal Canin sensitive wet food but tolerates regular dry cat food.

If you would like to adopt Marj contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.



Location: cattery

Nikita is a friendly and sweet natured girl that we believe to be around 2 years of age. Nikita was found stray with a nasty wound to her tail that was likely due to a bite from another animal. After treatment and a few weeks recuperation, Nikita is now all healed and ready to find her forever home. Nikita has a glossy black coat and beautiful big green eyes. She is very sociable and always pleased to see visitors at the cattery. She loves human company but she can also entertain herself, so if you out at work during the day she will happily sunbathe and snooze the day away. Her calm temperament means she could live in a home where any children are of primary school age or over. 

Nikita is popular with our staff and volunteers who say things about her like: ‘A gorgeous temperament – very gentle and loving. She let me fuss her for ages!’ ‘Very friendly girl, enjoys lots of neck rubs and strokes’. Nikita also enjoys a play if there is a dangly toy for her to chase. We don’t know what Nikita’s situation was before she came into RSPCA care. She was undoubtedly cared for as she is so friendly towards people but didn’t have a microchip to enable us to reunite her with her owners. We want to make sure she now gets a permanent home and a future where she is showered in the love and attention she rightly deserves. 

Nikita is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered and ready to check out the laps of potential adopters.  Nikita will need access to a safe outdoor space once she has settled in. As we mentioned earlier, she does enjoy a snooze in the sun!

If you would like to adopt Nikita contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.