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All our cats are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, blood tested for FeLV & FIV and flea & worm treated. Our cat adoption fee is £60 per cat or £110 for a pair.

If you would like to adopt a cat from us please read the relevant guide below before contacting us.

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Adopting a cat guide

Please note: We occasionally have house cats, when we do they are marked 'HOUSE CAT'








Location: foster home

Mia came into our care after the sad passing of her owner. Mia stayed by her mum's bedside until the end, giving much comfort and love to her former owner. The loss hit Mia hard.  She struggled in the cattery so we found her a loving foster home where she has come round and proven to be a sweet little girl. This is what her foster family say about her:

"Mia is a very friendly, affectionate cat. She greets me after work and loves head tickles and rubs up against my legs, especially if I have treats. She is generally a very calm, quiet cat but does have some bursts of energy running round and playing with toys (chases balls when I throw them). She's never scratched or bitten us (she hissed at us when she first came but hasn't done so since she learnt she could trust us). She's shy with strangers and will hide if unsure of new people or her surroundings but doesn't hide much now when it's just us here. She is more confident if people are calm, quiet and patient with her. She isn't too keen on being picked up but will let us do it. I'm not sure she'll be a lap cat- I've tempted her onto my knee with treats but she tends to jump down after having the treats. Loves sitting on windowsills and looking out and enjoys sitting higher up (on her cat climbing post, bookcase etc). She can be cheeky with jumping onto the table when we're eating and jumps onto the kitchen bench (wondering if she used to be allowed to do this as she tends to wander wherever she wants). She sleeps on our bed most nights and usually sits in the same room as us during the day. She isn't as keen on fish cat food she prefers meat and loves cat biscuits."

As you can tell Mia has settled well into the adult only foster home. As she has only ever lived with adults we are seeking to replicate the same type of home for her. When we collected Mia she had been living with another cat. It soon became clear they were not best friends but they were tolerant to one another so Mia may be able to be rehomed to live with another, calm and quiet cat. If you can offer this pretty little moon-faced girl a quiet and loving home please get in touch.

If you would like to adopt Mia contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.



Location: cattery

Nigella is a slinky and glossy black female cat that we believe to be aged 1-2 years old. Nigella came into our care after she was abandoned, along with her 4 tiny kittens, in a pet carrier. After raising her kittens (who have now all gone to new homes) Nigella is looking for her own forever home.

Nigella has blossomed since she has been relieved from her motherhood duties. Here is what her foster carer has to say about her: 

"Nigella is a fun loving, playful and affectionate little panther. She loves sitting with you and loves a head tickle. She will do anything for Dreamies and her favourite thing to play with is a feather on a string. She likes talking and sitting on things you are trying to read and is affectionate and seeks out strokes. Nigella also loves to play and pounce, especially on human feet!" 

Nigella spends a lot of time looking out of the window so is looking for a home where there is a garden for her to explore and play. Nigella is not a fussy cat and eats practically anything that is put in front of her.  Nigella loves people and has a placid temperament.  We think that she would be fine to live with a family where any children are aged over 8.. Nigella is microchipped, neutered and vaccinated and ready to meet potential adopters.

If you would like to adopt Nigella contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.




Location: cattery

Merlin is a magical boy who inspires devotion in all who meet him! He's a gentle giant with lovely black and white markings and an adorable pink nose. At 10 years old Merlin is a bit older than our usual residents, but will make the most loving companion you could imagine. After a full health screen we are confident this fella still has a few tricks up his sleeve and will be around for a good few years yet.

Merlin came into our care after he was abandoned by his original owners and taken in by a kindly local resident. She fell for him completely, but sadly couldn't take him on full time and signed him over to the RSPCA for rehoming.

We've had Merlin in foster care for some weeks and he's cast a spell over his foster carers who have also fallen for his considerable charms. What is so wizard about our Merlin is how sweet and soft he is. He's a large lad, but that doesn't stop him jumping straight on your lap for cuddles and affection and his happiest when curled up with his human companion. He's very laid back and would love to spend his days pottering around the house and a safe outdoor space. He is gentle enough to live with sensible, calm children who will respect the fact he's of retirement age and won't want to play much.

If you would like to meet this enchanting older chap please get in touch.

If you would like to adopt Merlin contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.









Watch a video of Zygmund here!

Location: cattery

Zygmund came into our care in late January after a kind member of the public had handed him in after feeding him as a stray. This friendly chap had multiple wounds on him, we think as a result of being attacked by another cat(s). Thankfully he healed in no time and now has a clean bill of health.  

Zygmund is approximately 4 years old and with very striking markings. He will often be curled up in his box when you go and visit him, but as soon as you go to say hello he will have a big stretch and not hesitate to tell you how much he appreciates you coming to see him. He’s quite vocal and loves a fuss, you could easily spend ages chatting away to this lovely fellow – and he will chat back, mark our words, he will chat back! He loves human company and is always eager to climb on our laps for close contact and fusses. He is such an endearing character and it's nearly impossible to resist his charms.

Zygmund seems to have sensitivity around his legs, and it's advisable to avoid touching him in the area. We think it maybe as a result of previous wounds/scarring, but there is nothing wrong with him, he maybe has been hurt too many times by other cats in that area. For this reason we are looking to rehome him where any children are of secondary school age or over, in a quiet location, with not too many cats, so he can safely explore the outdoors once settled. Zygmund is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and ready for you to meet him. If you would like to adopt Zygmund contact us today!

If you would like to adopt Zygmund contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.




Tash & Dotty

Location: foster

Tash and Dotty are two beautiful 2 year old sisters who have come into our care after their owner suffered a stroke and could no longer care for them. These girls have been well loved and very well cared for and it was difficult for their owner to part with the girls.

Tash and Dotty are such a lively and playful pair. They had a brief spell in the cattery but really didn’t get on well being confined so we swiftly moved them into a foster home where they settled really quickly and have restored their friendship once more. The girls like to snuggle up together and groom one another and are itching to go outdoors and play! They love to romp around and play with toys to practice their hunting skills! They are both confident characters that are loving and affectionate will easily adapt to family life and live with children aged 5 and over.

The girls were previously kept indoors but from what we have seen they really need to go out to play, so a safe, outdoor space is essential. Dotty and Tash are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and even come with the flea and worm treatment that their owner passed on to us!

If you would like to adopt Tash & Dotty contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.












Location: cattery

Penelope is a true beauty who is looking for a very special, quiet home with a patient adopter who will give her plenty of time and space to settle in. Penelope is the sort of cat who is very rewarding to care for and will make a wonderful project for an experienced cat owner.

Penelope came into our care at the end of January as a very fearful girl who would hide away in a cardboard box and hiss if she so much as heard you approach her. For the first few weeks we didn't see much of Penelope beyond her beautiful mane. Her progress has been slow and steady, but we now can report that she definitely has a tail and a very beautiful one it is too! These days she'll pop out of her bed with a sweet miaow to greet you, indulge us in a few head bumps and cautiously let us stroke her.

Penelope does still have her moments, and will bat away your hand if she is worried and retreat back into her box if she feels you've overstepped the mark. Our wonderful team of cat socialisers have built up her confidence as much as we possibly can, but we now feel it's time that Penelope moves into a forever home and progresses further through bonding with one or two special people. She's only around 2 years old so has many, many years of love to give once she's learnt to trust you.

Penelope would benefit from a quiet, adult only home with no other pets. She will want safe outdoor space to play in once she's settled in. An experienced cat owner who can read her body language and give her space when she requires it would be ideal. Penelope has a long coat which would benefit from a regular brush, so getting her used to this is something else her adopter will need to continue with. Your reward would be to share your home with this stunning tabby and white girl who you've have earnt a special bond with.

If you would like to adopt Penelope contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.










Location: cattery

Some cats have faces you just want to kiss and Effie is definitely one of them! This lovely tortie and white girl is affectionately known as our little moon face because of her wide cheeks and huge eyes.

Effie came into our care in the saddest of circumstances after her owner died. She has proved to be a resilient little girl and it didn't take her long to start playing with her toys and jumping on our laps for a cuddle. Effie has proved to be a sweet and affectionate girl who is happy in human company but is equally content to be left to relax on her own.

Effie is approximately 5 year old. Since coming into our care has been vaccinated, microchipped and undergone extensive vet treatment. It turns out she had already been neutered, but we did find a few issues with her health that have now been resolved. Her teeth were not in the best condition so she has also had dental treatment under anaesthetic, which involved having 6 teeth extracted. With the correct diet in future she should have no further concerns with her gnashers. She also had an historic perforated eardrum, which has now been treated with antibiotics and should continue to heal with no further veterinary intervention. Any future owner should commit to annual health checks and vaccinations for Effie to make sure that she's kept in tip top condition.

Effie came from a home where she lived with one adult and another cat. She would probably prefer a similarly quiet home without too many comings and going and would suit someone who works during the day. She may be suitable to live with a calm, accommodating cat.

If you would like to adopt Effie contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.