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All our cats are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, blood tested for FeLV & FIV and flea & worm treated. Our cat adoption fee is £55 per cat or £100 for a pair.

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Adopting a cat guide

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Location: foster

Let me introduce you to Eunice, she’s a 5 year old cat with a sweet and loving nature and a craving for companionship. She’s been with us since February thanks to her incessant grooming which at one point made her almost entirely bald! The vets haven’t been able to give us a cause for her grooming but after various failed attempts to cure we believe it’s mainly behavioural. It’s now under control thanks to a weekly injection which suppresses the urge to groom and her fur is slowly but surely growing back. Eunice came to us along with another cat and 2 kittens that were being kept in a tiny flat and not having their needs met, she was very fond of the other cats but because of her condition she was left behind as the others were quickly rehomed. She’s been in foster care during her long stay with us and has truly become part of the furniture at the branch but it’s finally time for her to have a more permanent and loving home. Here is what her foster family have to say about her.  

"Eunice is basically the best cat ever. She is a 5 year old tortoiseshell, who originally came to us with a lot of fur missing due to over grooming and was very anxious. Over time, she has really relaxed and thankfully has slowed down on her grooming significantly. She has become a very welcome addition to our house and we will miss her very much when she moves on to her forever home. 

Eunice is chatty in general, but especially if she hasn't seen you for some time. That means she gives the best welcome home, running and jumping up so she can be close to you for head rubs and scratches. She will chatter on the whole time and turn herself in circles trying to get close to you. She loves to rub her head off everything so stroking her head is a favourite greeting for her. 

She is a very social cat. She doesn't seem to properly relax until she's near humans, preferably sat on them getting all of the attention. Then she will purr and hum like a furry engine ticking over. If she is really relaxed she will even begin to snore! However, in a typical contradictory cat manner, she can be quite jumpy. Sudden movements and loud noises are a no no for Eunice, so she's not great around young children and we think perhaps other species might be an issue for her also.   She hasn't got an aggressive bone in her body, the most you will get is a firm lick on your hand if she's not up for any more fussing. To be honest, licking is a big deal for Eunice. She expresses herself mainly by tongue, so if your hand or even your head is near that tongue, you will be licked.   She is a big fan of toy mouse hunting, and when she stalks and catches her prey she will usually bring it to you in her mouth, shouting out to let you know what she's caught this time. 

Eunice is the ultimate companion. She will follow you from room to room and sit herself nearby, always ready to jump up when you call her over for some attention. She sleeps at your feet at night and gets up when you do, you will never feel alone with Eunice around.  She eats mainly dry food and likes to drink a lot of water. Wet food doesn't hold a lot of interest for her, we've found, but she will lick the jelly off it if she's feeling adventurous. 

Ideally Eunice needs a reasonably quiet home with plenty of places for her to perch, a window or two for her to watch out from, a lap to fall asleep on and someone to listen to her chat. She has the most character of any cat we have fostered over the years and is impossible not to fall in love with."

If you would like to meet our almost hairy highness then give us a call. She needs someone who has plenty of time at home to keep her company (i.e. left no more than around 7 hours a day) and who is happy to give her medication via injection. Her medication costs £1.50 a week and there is scope to reduce it over time. She is on a normal dry food diet and could share her home with another sociable feline and children of teenage or above. We would consider rehoming Eunice as an indoor cat if the property was large enough to keep her happy and stimulated.

If you would like to adopt Eunice contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.





Location: cattery

Matilda is a beautiful tortie and white cat who we estimate at around 5 years old. She was found living under a taxi and pregnant when she was rescued by the National RSPCA inspectorate. The rumour was her owner had gone to prison and Matilda had ended up homeless.

Matilda is a lounge lizard who loves a good fleece in a cardboard box, who doesn’t! She’ll stretch herself out in her little hidey hole with just her paws and nose poking out so that visitors can tell she’s there. She’ll quickly surface when you arrive but rather than asking for fussies more often than not she heads for her food bowl, she obviously like the security of having a friend there whilst she eats. Her confidence grows the longer you’re with her and she enjoys a stroke and cheek tickles, she’s a little hand shy around her head but rather than grumbling she’ll just back away and ask for back strokes instead.

Matilda would be best suited to a home with children of teenage or above with people who will respect her wishing. She is an affectionate cat who feels happiest with people around but she isn’t keen on being overly fussed over. A nice little fuss and a friend to sit with is her wish.

If you would like to adopt Matilda contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.








Location: cattery

Buzz is a tabby kitten around 11 weeks old who could easily be mistaken for a monkey! He demonstrates the most phenomenal, climbing skills and is utterly fearless! He won’t think twice about dropping to the floor from head height if he’s decided he’s had enough of climbing. But although he is boisterous he is incredibly loving and endearing and we defy anyone not to fall in love with him! Buzz has come from an unplanned litter and his owner was no longer able to cope. He has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Buzz will need a home where he won’ be left for more than 5 hours whilst he’s young, is geared to lively kitten antics and where any children are 5 years and over. It’s likely when he grows up he’ll be quite the adventurer so a property that is well away from any busy roads is essential. A nearby garden with trees will no doubt suit our little monkey-cat to the tee! Buzz will benefit from feline company to help him to continue to develop his feline communication skills. He could be adopted with one of his siblings or rehomed with an existing, tolerant/playful cat in the home.

If you would like to adopt Buzz contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.



Location: cattery

William is a little charmer. He is a black and white kitten around 11 weeks old who has come from an unplanned litter and his owner was no longer able to cope. William is a typical kitten who loves to play, climb and snuggle up to you. He is very affectionate and won’t hesitate to come for a love.  

William will suit most family homes with children over the age of 5. He would like to be rehomed with one of his siblings or to a home where there is another playful feline for company. William has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. William cannot be left for more than 5 hours at the moment and needs to have access to a safe outdoor space once old enough. This boy is going to grow up to be a heart-breaker so come and get in on the action quickly to snap him up!

If you would like to adopt William contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.






Location: cattery

Lois is a very pretty, slinky black cat who we estimate at being around 2 years old. She was left homeless and pregnant by her owners when they moved out of their home. Lois has thankfully settled well into the cattery environment and although she's demonstrated she'd rather be an only cat, she is confident and friendly and certainly ready for her new start in life.  

Lois is a friendly cat who loves a fuss and is always ready to make human friends. She’s quick to say hello and is straight up onto your knee as soon as you perch down. She’s gentle and loving and never stops enjoys a good head nuzzle. She’s just the perfect cat! She will make a family feel very loved and as long as she’s the only cat in the home she’s very easy going.

Lois would be ideal to live with a family with slightly older children (primary school upwards) and has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. 

If you would like to adopt Lois contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.






Location: foster

Tiggles was born around the 5th May and came into our care after being rescued from a shed where she was being kept with her mum to avoid further physical harm from a family member. This is what her foster mum has to say about her:

"Tiggles has changed a lot since she arrived. Initially she was quite skitish and avoided being handled and stroked but now she has discovered that fusses and kisses are quite amazing and will purr away at the top of her voice! 

Tiggles is a typical playful kitten who loves climbing and chasing. In fact she loves to be chased and chases anything that moves! She also does a good job of annoying her mum and chasing her tail too!"

Tiggles is in desperate need of a play mate so she must be rehomed with an existing younger cat or kitten so they can have a right good play! Tiggles will be suited to live in a home with children of primary school age and will need a safe outdoor space to go out in once old enough. She has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

If you would like to adopt Tiggles contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.








Location: cattery

Don’t be taken in by our boy’s his angelic looks because Gingerbread is a true tiger; he’s 4 years old and knows how to break hearts. He is looking for a new home after being found stray with a broken leg. We suspect he’d been involved in a car accident but after having a metal pin fitted and given a month of strict cage rest it’s finally healed and the pin removed so he’s ready for adoption.

Gingerbread is full of beans and needs an extra special someone to tame him. He loves human attention but often ruins fuss time after 5 minutes by attacking a leg or arm or biting a finger. It’s all in play and given how long he’s been cooped up for we forgive him instantly but he isn’t for the faint hearted. His beauty makes everyone swoon but it’s only a chosen few who manage to spend a full 30 minutes with him without being turned into a cat toy. We are sure that once settled in his forever home with access to outdoors he’ll be a reformed character.  

Gingerbread is looking for a home with adults only, he can be very affectionate and sweet when he wants to be but when he does start play fighting it hurts. He needs a safe outdoor area to explore and may be willing to share his home with another playful feline who is up for a bit of rough housing.

If you would like to adopt Gingerbread contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.






Location: foster care

Meet your soul mate in our Marley; he’s a 2 year old stunner who is after some stability after being passed from pillar to post. He came to us after his owner could no longer cope due to health issues; he was adopted by them from a cat rescue so this will be his third attempt at a happy ever after.

Marley is a big lad with a big heart; he’s shy and sensitive to start but quickly mellows out to become an inquisitive and playful chap who enjoys his fusses. For the first 24 hours in a new home he’ll take cover under the bed but he’ll soon start poking his nose out and rolling over for belly tickles. His ‘otter pose’ as we call it is his favourite, if you make any encouraging noises or coos then he’ll be on his back, paws in the air exposing his belly to the world. After a few days he’ll have claimed a spot at the bottom of the bed but be sure to keep your toes well tucked as he does enjoy a midnight chew!

Despite the fact that he’s never been outdoors he certainly likes to explore, Marley see’s a closed door as a challenge, he’ll bat it, head butt it and even try and roll under it even though he’s got no clue what’s on the other side, he just hates a closed door! His cheekiness doesn’t end there, in the morning we start the task of gathering up his toys, over night he will have carried his favourites around the house, we’re not sure if he does this for our enjoyment or for his but it’s certainly funny guessing what he’s been up to.  

When Marley first arrived in our care he became ill with a urine infection caused by the cattery environment stressing him out, so we moved him to a foster home which sadly set off another urine infection. It became obvious that this was going to happen at times of major stress. Thankfully he’s now settled and has been a healthy, happy lad for many months. He’s even changed foster homes when our volunteers have gone on holiday and he’s coped extremely well and remained healthy so we believe it was just the initial shock of all the change that was too much for him.

To keep Marley as healthy as possible a vets have advised a sensitive wet food diet (Royal Canin Sensitive Control) and we are looking to rehome him to a relaxing adult only home where he’s the only cat so there are no stressful introductions that may set him off. Marley is a very loving and easy to care for cat in the right environment, he just needs some stability and love. 

If you would like to adopt Marley contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.




Location: foster home

Lexi is a remarkable amputee: this girl is special, really special. She is the cat equivalent of our super-human para athletes and truly represents the best of British. Lexi is around 4 years old and has come into our care after being found with a severe injury to her leg. Alas the leg could not be saved and so it had to be removed. Lexi has been in our care for a month recuperating from the surgery and now she is ready for adoption.

So why is she so remarkable? Her athleticism for one! She swings around the house on her front leg with agility and ease: it’s like watching an acrobat. She hasn’t a care in the world that she is missing a limb; in fact she can even open the back door to her foster dad’s home!

Whilst playful and full of fun, Lexi is also very affectionate. Her foster dad wakes up every morning to her lying on his chest! She drools with contentment with a chin tickle and it isn’t long before her tongue comes out as she goes into a trance! And if you scratch the base of her tail then her head hits the floor with the enjoyment of it all.

Lexi is looking for a loving new home where she can go outdoors into a quiet, safe garden environment. We would not recommend letting her free roaming access outdoors, as she won’t be able to get away from danger quite as swiftly as you’d like but outside space is a must.

If you would like to adopt Lexi contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.



Location: cattery

Sarah is a delightful, all black kitten around 11 weeks old. She came from an unplanned litter and her owner was no longer able to cope. Sarah is a little lady. She is so different to her boisterous brothers that they all seem to play up to gender stereotypes!

Sarah loves a snuggle and will gently touch you to get your attention. She adores company and thrives on having a fuss. Just like a typical kitten she loves to play, but not quite the same crazy climbing, rough and tumble antics as her brothers. With Sarah being a little calmer than most kittens, but not in the least bit lacking in confidence, she would thrive in a family home where any children are over 5 years old.

Sarah will benefit from feline company (either one of her siblings or an existing cat in the home). She currently cannot be left for more than 5 hours at a time and once old enough will need to be able to play outdoors. Sarah has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

If you would like to adopt Sarah contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.




Location: cattery

Larger than most dogs you see these days, Jango is our gentle giant. He is a 2 year old cat who has come from a home with other cats and children and where the owner was no longer able to care for them all. From his history we know that poor Jango has had several homes in his short life so is desperately overdue some stability and a home he can call his own for life.

Jango is a super confident, super affectionate boy who refuses to believe that he’s too big to fit on even the smallest of laps. He likes to greet people with a meow and head nuzzle and quickly makes friends. He’s quite an active lad once settled and is very interested in what’s going on outside, we believe he’d love a good run in a safe garden and a climb up a tree or two. He’s just a great cat who needs a stable home and a family he can trust.

Jango is currently on Royal Canin Sensitive control dry food as he had an upset stomach when he arrived in our care but is now thriving on this diet. He is looking for a home with children aged 8 years and over as he does like to did his claws in when  pulling himself up onto your knee!

If you would like to adopt Jango contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.



Location: foster

Please welcome Mustang, a 4 year old lad with a sweet and sensitive soul. He is looking for a new home after being found stray, the finder believed he was injured as he hadn’t moved for so long but on inspection he was just found to have a bit of fur loss so it’s a bit of a mystery as to what happened to the poor boy. He’s now been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and is ready for a fresh start. Here is what his foster mum has to say.  

‘Mustang is a gorgeous white cat with splashes of grey tortoiseshell all over him. When he first arrived with us he was very shy and nervous and spent most of his time hiding under the sofa. However, over time he has really relaxed and now won’t leave us alone!  

Mustang is a chatty wee cat and will meow until he gets one of his two favourite things – cuddles or food! Whenever he hears a bag of treats rustle or can smell your food he’ll be next to you in a flash sniffing away to see what’s up for grabs. When you arrive home or first wake up in the morning you get the most loving greeting, he’ll be all over you trying to get head scratches and strokes. He absolutely adores having his face and head stroked and will push his face on your hand (or whatever you’re holding) to get you started! Once he does start getting cuddles, he purrs and paddy-paws away to his heart’s content – especially if there is a fluffy blanket or pillow nearby.  

If he gets his claws stuck while paddy-pawing he can get a bit anxious but we just quickly and calmly undo his claw from whatever it is and he snaps back into cuddle-mode. He is not at all aggressive – in the month or so we’ve had him he hasn’t once scratched or bitten. The most you’ll get is a firm lick on your hand, leg, dressing gown, or whatever else is nearby for him!   He loves wet food, dry food and treats but as with most cats he can be picky with flavours – we’re even struggling to figure out which are his favourites! He is absolutely adored in our home and would be brilliant in a home where he could have plenty of cuddles and attention.’  

Mustang is looking for a peaceful home where he can be left to settle in for those first few weeks and then have plenty of fuss when he’s feeling brave. He would be best suited to an adult only home in a property with safe outdoor access for him to explore once settled.

If you would like to adopt Mustang contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.



Location: foster

Peppa is approx 3 years old tabby and white beauty. She has come into our care after having to be kept in a shed with her kitten in an attempt  to avoid further physical harm from family members. She had an injury to her face when she came into our care but that has long healed and she has the all clear from the vets. This is what her foster mum has to say about her:

"Peppa is one of the easiest cats I've fostered in the last 10 years. She is so sweet, quiet, gentle and ever so polite. She will watch and wait for her kitten to eat then will go and eat once her kitten has had her fill.
Peppa is delightfully playful and adores cardboard boxes. She plays and sleeps in them everyday so any adopter must have a constant supply. She also loves crinkly carrier bags and will entertain herself for hours jumping in and out of them. "

We think Peppa may have some Siamese in her because of her petite face with a pointy chin, so this girl really is very special in every which way. Due to her ordeal we are looking for a home where she will be treated with utmost respect and sensitivity. She will thrive in most homes that can offer harmony and happiness. Peppa is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and ready for her new start.

If you would like to adopt Peppa contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.