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All our cats are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, blood tested for FeLV & FIV and flea & worm treated. Our cat adoption fee is £60 per cat or £110 for a pair.

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Adopting a cat guide

Please note: We occasionally have house cats, when we do they are marked 'HOUSE CAT'




Location: foster

Maisie is approximately 3 years old, is a very beautiful, petite all ginger cat that has seemingly had a rotten life. She has a truly sad story to tell and after being in our care for 6 months we are pleased to be able to finally share it with you. Maisie was heavily pregnant when an RSPCA officer visited a property where two cats had been abandoned, one male and one female and neither neutered. The neighbours told us of how Maisie had repeatedly fallen pregnant, been left to give birth outdoors and how each and every litter had died. We learnt that the family that owned the cats had lots of children and it was a chaotic environment, which left Maisie hyper sensitive to touch along her spine (no wonder really). To be on the safe side we had an x-ray taken of Maisie’s spine to rule out any underlying medical reason. We are pleased to say the x-ray was clear.

Maisie remained with the rescuing officer throughout her pregnancy and until her kittens were rehomed. The foster carer worked hard on desensitising Maisie to touch and so when she was transferred into our care we all hoped she was ready for adoption. Unfortunately, Maisie found the cattery environment difficult with the unpredictability of staff and volunteers. She desperately wanted attention but just couldn ’t control her impulses as a result of being conflicted. We sought out a perfect foster carer for Maisie to work one to one with her and regain her trust. Maisie is now a playful, happy girl who seems to be making up for lost time after having had motherhood thrown on her as a juvenile. This is what her foster carer has to say about her and how he manages her antics:

“Maisie is a big kitten at heart. She is a boisterous, outgoing character who gets very giddy with attention. Sometimes she can get carried away with too much attention and will use her teeth and claws. When she is being like this I stop playing with her, so she gets the message it isn’t ok. Maisie has the endearing habit of sleeping with one paw over her eyes. I often wonder if she is secretly watching me but has the amusing habit of chasing her own tail, as if she has forgotten this is hers. It typically results in her swatting at it with her paws. Maisie loves being stroked but on her terms. She will put her head where she wants your hand and a little love bite on your hand is not unknown. When she does this I disengage with her. If she gets too carried away, then I send her to her room. People don’t believe me, but she honestly walks off and goes to her room; she is a bright cat. At night time I’m quite happy with her sharing my bed, although it does involve a few minutes of toe pouncing, which I’m used to, and it only lasts a few minutes before she tires of the game. But if you want to avoid this then just shut her out of the bedroom. Maisie will come bounding over when it is dinner time and gets under your feet in her excitement to see what is in her bowl (she is fed Royal Canin sensitive wet and dry food). She is definitely a nature lover, as she loves watching the birds flying past the window as she tries to catch them!”  

As you can tell Maisie is a playful character who will enjoy going outdoors and exploring. It would be best if she went to an experienced cat owner with no other cats in the home and few on the street. Maisie is essentially just a kitten that hasn’t grown up. Whilst she has clearly been under socialised whilst young we think she has also been manhandled leaving her conflicted around human contact. Maisie would be best in a home with just one or two adults where she can receive a predictable, routine life from her care givers. You will need to be patient but firm with her and willing to tolerate her claws and nipping as she works out she can trust you.

If you would like to adopt Maisie contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.




Location: foster

Rudi is a handsome 9 week old kitten looking for a with another playful cat. Rudi was born in RSPCA care along with his 3 siblings. His mum was rescued from a home where the number of animals had become out of control and the owner was unable to cope. 

The kittens sadly lost their mum when they were 4 weeks old and needed to be hand reared for a few weeks by their foster carer. Their mum was unsocialised and unable to be handled because of her extreme nervousness of humans.  For a time we were concerned about how this would affect the temperament of her kittens. However, we all were hugely relieved to find that the kittens were comfortable with and enjoyed human contact. Growing up in a home environment and hand rearing them for a while helped a great deal with this. 

Rudi is a cat of extremes - either wide awake and hurtling around or fast asleep. Rudi can sleep anywhere;  on a recent trip to the vets where he went to sleep in his carrier on the table after his vaccinations. Along with his sister Margot he has a slightly strange habit of falling so deeply asleep that his foster carer has prodded him to double check he is still alive! He is a happy boy who loves his food and will often stand in one food bowl whilst eating out of another. His love of food is often evident on his nose which usually has his last meal all over it.  He is the most confident of his siblings and beginning to explore his foster home seeking out new play and climbing opportunities. 

Rudi will come rushing to the door for strokes and fuss, purring loudly for his foster carer. He loves to play (particularly with dangly toys that he can chase) and receive affection. He doesn't, yet, sit on laps but will headbutt human ankles to ask for fuss. 

Rudi enjoys chasing and playing with his siblings. For this reason we are looking to rehome him either with his sister Margot, or to a home where there is another friendly cat for him to chase. Rudi can use his claws and teeth when playing so any children in the home should be of secondary school age or above. His new home needs to be fairly quiet as, although Rudi is comfortable with his foster family, he can be unsettled by loud noises and new people. Rudi will need access to a safe outdoor space once he is old enough to go outside to play and cannot be left for longer than 4-5 hours whilst he is still young. Rudi is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.

If you would like to adopt Rudi contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.




Location: cattery

Rosco is a sweet young cat who has come into care because his owner was overrun with animals. He is one year old, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and described by one of our cat socialisers as their 'latest crush'. Yes, Rosco really is that good!

Rosco enjoys a knee to sit on. He's been known to be so desperate for a lap cuddle that he will launch himself at you before you've even sat down (and he's not a small cat either!). When we spend time with him all he wants to do is curl up on your lap and settle down for a snuggle and snooze. It's unbearable to part yourself from him! 

Rosco is an adorable boy who will make lovely squeaks and trills when greeting you, he is ever so affectionate but his attempt at kisses tend to generally be quite forceful headbutts! He is happy being picked up and cuddled too, such is his keenness for human contact.

As he can be a little over enthusiastic for a lap cuddle it's probably best he isn't rehomed to live with young children, secondary school and over with experience of cats would be purrfect. 

Once settled in his new home Rosco will love playing out so you must have ground floor access to a safe outdoors place. Although Rosco has lived with other cats we do not know if this was harmonious, as such, and given how much he needs company, he's probably best to housed on his own.

If you would like to adopt Rosco contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.





Location: cattery

Peter is a gorgeous cat who we think is around 5 years of age. He was found abandoned in a property with another cat when his former owner left the country. To add to Peter's sad story, he was found with a piece of plastic piping stuck around his neck which must have been causing him some distress. Peter has bounced back amazingly from his ordeal and is ready to try his luck in a new forever home.

Peter is the first cat everyone notices when they come into the cattery, although you will hear him long before you see him. Peter loves a good chat but fortunately, for everyone's ear drums, he quietens down once he knows he has been acknowledged, especially if he also gets a stroke at the same time. Peter also loves nothing more than to settle on your lap for a cosy cuddle. He will look into your eyes adoringly whilst you snuggle with him. Peter's attentive behaviour is infectious and you just can't help but fall in love with him and his beautiful eyes.

Peter is also excellent fun; he loves a belly rub and a play as well as being stroked and fussed. He seemingly enjoys being kissed on top of his head and will try and return the favour given half a chance.

Peter can sometimes get a little over excited when he's getting attention and will very gently nibble your hand or chin with his teeth. For this reason we are looking for a home where any children are at least secondary school age. It may be that once he is getting more attention in a home and can let off a bit of steam outside these behaviours will calm down. We also think that he would be best as the only cat in the home so he doesn't have to share his audience with anyone else.

Peter is microchipped, vaccinated and neutered and waiting for potential adopters to talk to.

If you would like to adopt Peter contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.











Location: cattery

Gibbs was found with a horrible injury to his tail, most likely as a result of a road traffic accident. It was so badly damaged that he had to have part of it amputated, so now he sports a rather quirky looking sausage for a tail. Once the fur grows back it will hopefully look less peculiar but we love him even more for this quirk!

We estimate Gibbs to be around 3 years of age. He was neither neutered or microchipped and so we can only speculate about his past. It seems that he has been well socialised and received plenty of positive human interaction. Since being in our care all he has wanted to do is snuggle up on our laps for a cuddle. He very endearingly squirms around as he settles down! Our cat socialisers say he is a softie who loves to be stroked and is always so pleased to see us. Gibbs welcomes all laps great and small and is a gorgeous natured boy who is clearly desperate for a forever home and family to call his own.

Gibbs is looking for a home where he will be able to play outside once he has settled in. He would like to be the only cat in the home and enjoy some peace and quiet, so a home with older children (11+) would be ideal. Gibbs will make the perfect tonic for the dark Winter nights and will be lovely snuggle up to on the sofa.

If you would like to adopt Gibbs contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.












Location: foster home

Poor little Oreo was in a sorry state when he was found 4 weeks ago all on his own, seemingly abandoned by his owner. He had a gastro bug, his coat was all dishevelled and tacky and he was in such a pitiful way. After a long stay at the vets he was well enough to come home and since then he has blossomed into this sweet little boy with the softest, most beautiful coat.  

As we got to know Oreo it became apparent he had never seen a toy before. It was heart-breaking to see a kitten so young that he had no idea what to do with a toy. He has only just recently learned how to play with toys and very much loves his tunnels and any sort of mouse or crinkly sounding toys. Oreo also enjoys sitting up high watching the world through the window and then settling down in his vantage point for a sleep. Oreo is quite a quiet kitten who loves cuddles and is the purriest little boy. However, it is apparent he was taken away from his siblings too young and not been well socialised. He can be a bit rough with his teeth and claws when he gets carried away in play, which is such a shame because he loves attention from everyone but we just cannot risk him hurting any young children so he will need to be rehomed to a family with secondary school age children or adult only home.  

Oreo is is used to other kittens and cats and enjoys playing with them. All his fellow foster kittens have left for new homes and he has since become quite withdrawn and off his food. For this reason we are looking to rehome him with another young cat (not younger than him) so he can enjoy their company and play together.

We estimate Oreo to be around 15 weeks old, he has been fully vaccinated and is being neutered and microchipped on 27th Sept. He is ready for adoption now so please get in touch if you can offer the darling little lad a forever home.

If you would like to adopt Oreo contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.