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All our cats are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, blood tested for FeLV & FIV and flea & worm treated. Our cat adoption fee is £55 per cat or £100 for a pair.

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Adopting a cat guide

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Location: foster

Dennis is a gorgeous scamp of a cat who has definitely used up at least one of his 9 lives. He was found on his own struggling to walk and in dragging his back leg, after seemingly having been in some kind of accident. X-rays revealed he had a femoral head fracture. He subsequently had surgery but despite best efforts it was unsuccessful and we were left with no option but to amputate his leg. After several weeks of recuperation we are delighted that Dennis is doing so well and is ready to move on to his forever home. This is what his foster mum has to say about:

“Dennis is a lap cat that loves to come and sit on your knee for cuddles. He loves having his cheeks scratched and under his chin. He loves playing, especially with string and dangly sticks. Dennis is still adapting to life with 3 legs, the other day he attempted to jump on the kitchen side but failed! He benefits with stepping stones to window ledges etc. as he does love a good nosey out the window. Rather calamitously he has, on several occasions, whilst snoozing on the couch fallen off it! He really is a lovable rogue with a big heart.”

Dennis is approx. 2 to 3 years old and is looking for a home where any children are 8 or over as he easily mistakes fingers for toys. Despite having 3 legs he is a whirlwind of energy and needs space to play outdoors safely so a quiet or secure garden would be ideal.

If you would like to adopt Dennis contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.



Location: foster

Back in July our cheeky little lad Scampi was found on the streets dragging both back legs, it was presumed he’d been hit by a car. Once in RSPCA care it was discovered that the tendons had been torn off his knee caps so he had pins placed in both legs to repair them. Finally at the end of August he was given the all clear and the pins were removed. Scampi is now finally ready for his happy ending; here is what his foster mum has to say about him:

‘Despite his injury Scampi is a normal young cat, he needs no special treatment and can even jump up on to most work tops now, although he doesn’t always make it and we hear a thud as he hits the floor! He’s playful and affectionate in equal measures; he loves rushing around the house and spends a great deal of time carrying his catnip mouse around the house. Once he’s worn himself out then its cuddle time on a knee, it took a few weeks before he’s sit on a lap but now it’s his favourite place to be. Not only is Scampi great company and extremely entertaining but he is also very handy around the house, he is an excellent spider catcher and has completely cleared every nook and cranny of all creepy crawlies…and dead leaves, he gets easily confused! He’s just a lovely young chap with loads of energy and love to give’

Scampi is looking for a home where he can play outdoors safely and burn off some energy. He is a playful lad who does sometimes forget to put his claws away so is best suited to a home with children aged 8 or above.

If you would like to adopt Scampi contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.





Location: cattery

Sadly Anette hadn’t heard the old saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’ when she went out playing one day and ended up with a fish hook through her bottom lip, thankfully she was spotted but in some distress so the National RSPCA were called. Her owner couldn’t be traced and we shall never know how she came to have the hook in her lip but thankfully she is now fully recovered and after being neutered, vaccinated and microchipped is ready for a fresh start.

Anette is beautiful cat with a loving and playful personality. We estimate that she is around 1 year old and she certainly acts like a kitten, there is always some strange noises coming from her cattery pen. We’ve seen her go to battle with a piece of cat litter (she has many toys in her pen but none as good as cat litter apparently) and she is making light work of destroying her cardboard box. Once she’s defeated her many foes then she’s ready for a fuss, she is very good at looking angelic when its cuddle time and luckily is much gentler with people than boxes.

Anette is looking for a home where she can safely play outdoors once settled and would suit a home with children of secondary school age or above, despite being quite gentle she can be easily spooked by sudden noises.

If you would like to adopt Anette contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.




Location: cattery

Hunky house cat Waldon is looking for a new home after being found stray with a nasty abscess, he’d obviously spent quite some time on the streets as vet checks discovered that he was FIV+.  Despite this he is fit and healthy so after receiving treatment for the abscess and being neutered, vaccinated and microchipped he is ready for adoption.

Waldon is 2 years old and is an absolute pleasure to be with. He slinks out of his bed and happily positions himself on your knee and that’s it for a few hours, he’s brilliant at forcing people to sit and relax! He looks at you adoringly and purrs soothingly as you rub his big fat cheeks, it’s hard to imagine him living life on the streets, he’s a lover not a fighter.

Waldon needs to stay indoors to avoid passing on FIV to any other cats. Because of this he’s looking for a large property to live in where he can still get some exercise and plenty of natural light. He is a chilled out lad who would suit a relaxing home where any children were of secondary school age or above.

If you would like to adopt Waldon contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.






Location: foster

Our 5 year old Pippy princess is looking for a new home after her owner was forced to leave their property and move top social housing. She can be quite unimpressed with people on first sight but soon mellows in to a friendly and affection cat that enjoys sharing a bed and watching TV. Pippy was already neutered so after vaccinations, a microchip and a thorough health check she is eager to find some stability in a new home.

Pippy is a funny little character that can be a little unsure of new people but soon comes round to the idea of having a servant to wait on her hand and foot. She may give a little hiss on first meeting but it’s all a front, within a few minutes of talking nicely to her and offering a hand to sniff she’ll be rubbing round your legs and within a week will be curling up next to you under the duvet. Pippy likes a bit of a fuss, a quick play, a lap around the garden then a snooze, who doesn’t! She prefers curling up beside you on the sofa rather than on your lap but she adores a chin and face rub and will even reach her paw out to you to ask for more. She sometimes isn’t in the mood for attention so will curl herself up in a box or spend some time lounging on her corrugated cardboard bed. She is very fond of cat nip and will demonstrate her full acrobatic skills with a cat nip mouse on a string, she has even been found in the cupboard getting out her own cat nip toys!

She is a curious cat who loves the outdoors; nothing makes her happier than a bit of fresh air and a perch on a shed roof. Pippy’s been in our care since March but has been held back from adoption due to her over grooming her tail, this has now stopped and the vets believe it was due to the stress from all the change in circumstances. She is a sensitive girl who gets spooked by strange noises and unknown faces so it’s no surprise she struggled so much to begin with, thankfully now she is healthy and ready to go.

Pippy has very simple needs; a quiet adult only home and a garden, and if it’s not too much to ask, a cat nip mouse. She would suit someone who was at work during the day but had a cat flap so she could come and go as she pleased and then curl up with you in the evenings for some tea and telly.

If you would like to adopt Pippy contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.







Location: foster

Cute old lady coming through! Belle is a 12 year old tabby cat looking for a new home to spend her twilight years after coming into our care due to welfare concerns as her owner had a change in circumstances. She’s been in our care for some time as she was suffering with hyper thyroid which after 6 months we finally have under control. She’s made herself very comfortable in her foster home; here is what her foster mum has to say about her: 

‘Belle has a very gentle nature and being an older lady she does love to snooze a lot but there is also a cheeky side to her, she enjoys helping with the laundry and will sit in the washing machine or tumble dryer as you’re emptying it. She also enjoys playing and at times can be heard charging about upstairs chasing toys on her own.  

Belle does enjoy pottering around the garden everyday but she doesn’t venture far, she just takes in the fresh air and takes a turn around the lawn before heading home.  Belle is very good at wrapping you around her little paws and she can be quite demanding, when belle is not happy with what’s on the menu she will pester you (meow) and try to climb up your leg until you give in and get her what she wants which is always chicken.’  

Belle is a very special girl looking for a quiet home where she can spend the rest of her days relaxing, being spoilt and most of all being loved. A lap to fill and a bed or chair to snooze on is all she dreams of. Belle doesn’t like dogs or other cats so needs to be in a home without other pets but she is used to living with small children.  

Belle is on medication in order to keep her healthy, she has Metacam once a day for arthritis (mixed in her food), and to keep her hyperthyroid under control she is on Kaminox (a potassium supplement also mixed in her food) twice a day and Methimazole cream wiped on her ear twice a day. The daily cost of her medication including vets dispensing fees for each medication is £5.11. She is on a variety of foods depending on what she fancies that day; Felix, Whiskas, Gourmet, Sheba.

If you would like to adopt Belle contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.






Location: cattery

More of a parrot than a pussy cat, 6 month old Xander insists on standing on shoulders and snuggling into your neck rather than sitting in the traditional lap position. He is looking for a new home after being found with an ulcerated eye which sadly couldn’t be saved so he is continuing with the pirate theme with his 1 eye. After recovering from the operation and being neutered, vaccinated and microchipped he is ready for a very lucky someone to take him home.

Xander is just a sweetheart who we all adore, he’ll be all huggled up in his bed and then come running over when he sees visitors and quickly scramble up to get in his favourite spot, the shoulders. He rubs against your head and makes himself super comfy by curling around your neck, it makes multi-tasking very easy as it’s possible to do filing and other basic chores whilst he’s cuddling you! Being a young boy he loves a good play and having one eye doesn’t stop him catching a toy mouse or chasing the ball. Xander is looking for a home where he can get plenty of love and affection, ideally where he isn’t left on his own for more than 6 hours as he’s still very young and needy.

He would no doubt get along with another young, playful cat and would be suitable to live with children aged 5 years and over. Despite his impaired sight Xander is a normal kitten who loves to play and explore so it looking for an extra safe outdoor area where he can have adventures.

If you would like to adopt Xander contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.









Location: cattery

Shane is a small 2 year old lad with a white bib and piercing green eyes that look like planets. He is looking for a new home after being found stray with an injured leg. Thankfully his injury was only minor and he is now fighting fit and ready to find a home.

Shane is a little softie who will smother his friends with love and attention but he did find adjusting to the cattery environment very unsettling at first, it took 2 weeks before he showed us what an amazing little character he is. Now though he is rubbing around our legs, purring constantly and balancing on his back legs to reach up and nudge our hands, he’s totally adorable. We can’t believe we’ve been missing out on such top notch cat cuddles whilst he’s being hiding in his bed, he’s certainly making up for it now though!

Shane is looking for a loving home where he may need a few weeks peace to adjust but once he’s sussed out the place he’ll be all over you. He’s neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and would be suitable to live with children of secondary school age and above. Shane would enjoy a home with safe access to outdoors so he can play outside once settled.

If you would like to adopt Shane contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.



Location: cattery

Joanie is a smashing cat around 5 years of age. She is looking for a new home after she was found stray with an injured leg, poor girl. Thankfully she was collected by the National RSPCA inspectors and received the veterinary attention she needed, sadly her owner could not be traced. She is now fighting fit and after being vaccinated and microchipped (she was already neutered) she is ready to find a new home.

Joanie is everything you could wish for from a companion; she is calm, quiet, and loves to cosy up on your knee. She can be a little shy at first but soon moseys on over to you for strokes and if she sees an empty knee then it’s her absolute pleasure to fill it. She has a playful streak but generally choses cuddles over cat and mouse games. Joanie has been an excellent guest whilst she’s been in our care, she spends her day curled up in her cardboard box, she’s very clean and makes very little fuss, she is just a pleasure to have around and certainly knows how to make you feel loved.

Joanie is looking for a peaceful home where she can get plenty of love and cosy nights in, in front of the TV. She would be well suited to a home with older children or where the children have perhaps fled the nest so she can get all the love instead! She is looking for a home on a quiet street where she can stretch her legs outdoors.

If you would like to adopt Joanie contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.








Location: cattery

Tomasina is a sassy 2 year old who craves affection but also knows how to keep you on your toes. She is looking for a new home after being left behind when her owner moved property, poor girl. Thankfully she was collected by the National RSPCA and after being neutered, vaccinated and microchipped she is ready for adoption.

Tomasina will be one of the first to cry for attention when you enter the cattery, she loves people and will rub around your legs until a lap becomes available then she settles herself down. She’ll purr away enjoying strokes and chin rubs but if something is to her disliking then she won’t be afraid to give your hand a nip, thankfully it doesn’t hurt, it’s more of a telling off then an aggressive act. We believe that it’s just the cattery environment unsettling her and once situated in a warm cosy home with soft furnishings and no other cats she’ll be on herbest behaviour, but for those of you who enjoy a bit of character and some cattitude Tomasina is the one for you.

Tomasina is looking for a home where she can play safely outdoors once settled and where any children are of secondary school age or above. She does get upset by the other cats in the cattery so is best being the only feline in the family.

If you would like to adopt Tomasina contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.




Location: cattery

Erica’s story is truly shocking; she came to us after being found tied up in a dustbin bag, thankfully she was discovered and brought to the RSPCA. She is such a friendly and confident cat that she’s already put the past behind her and now greets everyone she meets with love and affection. After being neutered, vaccinated and microchipped she is ready for a well-deserved fresh start.

Erica is a very chatty little cat who wants to be everyone’s best friend. She is only quite when she’s getting attention or in the car on the way to the vets! She is a diddy little thing who loves jumping up onto your knee, rubbing around your face and just generally being as close to you as possible, it would be impossible to feel lonely with this gorgeous girl in your home. She is around 1 year old and is very kitten like, she’ll have a fuss and a play and a meow and then will need a quick nap preferably on your knee before she can start all over again.

Erica is a smashing lady who would be a perfect family cat, she is very gentle and extremely loving so would be suitable to live with children of all ages. She craves attention so needs a home with someone home as much as possible. She is looking for a house with a safe outdoor area where she can play once settled.

If you would like to adopt Erica contact us today! 

Email or call 0161 882 0680.